Where's ThinkoftheChildren?

Jul 28, 2003
I was reading the old The Tactical One threads just for amusement, and I saw ThinkoftheChildren in one of them and upon a search I discovered that he hasn't posted in three months. Anyone been in touch with him?

Edit: Don Rearic has been MIA since July, too. :confused:
As has happened over the years, old timers just drop out from time to time. There are quite a few transients here on these forums along with those that are virtually always here.
TOTC is a Mod over at Glock Talk. Specifically, he moderates the sub-forum known as "The Cutting Edge".
Damn, he always was one of the more likable folks around here.

And why'd ya' have to mention that TTO thing? You tryin' to give folks flashbacks or somethin'? :D
I know, I know, but it brought back "fond" memories :rolleyes: :D

Thanks for telling me where he went off to.
I'm also a moderator over at Glocktalk.com, and I noticed that TOTC posted today at The Cutting Edge forum, so he IS still alive.