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Where's Yvsa ?

Jan 10, 2001

Anyone heard from him lately, or seen his tracks in the other forums? He doesn't answer his WebTV addy, so his 'puter hunt might still be going on. Hope he didn't burn anything down trying to hook it up

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Here I am Bro.

Been kinda under the weather with a _real_ literal pain in the arse the last few days and haven't felt like sitting at the desk.
I finally got an appointment today for the 31st for a corticosteroid injection, in the meantime I am doing another prednisone push. I should be better tomorrow if it acts the same as it did when we were in Phoenix.
And we have been incredibly busy with the chores that piled up over 3 weeks we were gone.

Hopefully I will be better by morning, I was the last time. Twelve hours can make a lot of difference.

Tornadoes were walking all over Oklahoma last night.
There were 19 touchdowns reported in several different areas and thankfully no one was hurt or killed although there was quite a lot of damage to some homes and businesses.
And yet that wasn't as bad as it could have been.
It was only a year or so ago that the F-5 with it's smaller funnels around it hit Oklahoma City and the surrounding area with some of the storms getting almost to Tulsa.
I completely unplugged my unit last night!!!!!
We had some beautiful light shows and a little wind last night, but everything pretty much passed us by.

Perhaps tomorrow I can catch up on all my e-mail.
I had 139 new messages when we got home!!!!!
Sorry for any worry or concernn I may have caused.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
You should get a lawn mower. Trying to cut a 3-week-old lawn with a Khuk, after about a 4,000 mi. drive, would kill a healthy butt

I remember the light shows, when "late-night TV" was watching the little white spots march across a five mile radar grid of the northeast counties. Don't miss it much. See you manana.

I was getting a little worried. We were one Cherokee shy over the weekend.

Sorry about the hip, Yvsa. Hope it cools down soon.
Everything blew over over okay.
Bro I don't care for your brand of beer, but I do have some excellent single malt scotch as well as some beer I do like.

We bought a 12 pack of Heineken just for you today along with a 9 Lb Boston Butt Pork Roast so you will need to bring y'all's appetites along.

Tsimi your starting to worry me again!!!!!!!

How goes the 'research'? LMRRAO!!!!!


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Take care of the"fat"NDN! You all have a great time, would love to be there, the LIES that are going to be swapped will really be something!