Which Bladeforums knifemaker's knives are the most sought after?

Oct 20, 2000
With absolutely no intention to ignite a rivalry, I wish to know which Bladeforums knife maker's blades are the most sought after among members of the forums.

Mentally, I think there are about 20 knife makers who post participate regularly or irregularly here. Many of them are pretty good. Some are in fact marvellously talented. A few are probably destined to have their pictures hung in the Bladeforums Hall of Fame.

By the way, are we not going to have a Gallery of these blade heroes?

Thus, my question. Sometimes talent has nothing to do with a person's commercial success but that's the way life is.

Anybody knows the answer to this question.

...because I'd have to nominate Gary Graley's beautiful custom folder sheaths as among some of the most sought-after accessories.
Tough call. We have so many sought after knife makers here. I think top dog honors belongs to Kit Carson with DDR a close second.
These are the guys that are at the top of my wish I had a knife by list:

Jerry Hossom
Darrel Ralph
Tom Mayo
Kit Carson
Rob Simonich
Neil Blackwood
Matt Lamey
Bruce Evans
Trace Rinaldi

Lots of other great maker-members though.
Is "sought after" the same as popular?
I think that Darrel Ralph's knives seem to be the most popular, while Kit Carson and Rob Simonich's stuff is harder to find, and possibly more "sought after"-if that makes sense.

I like Steve Harvey's wish list, those are the exact guys I would have listed. I'd call it my "lust" list, though (the knives, not the guys-don't get excited, anybody:p).
Some of the handmade knives that I have are made by:
Kit Carson
Darrel Ralph
Pat Crawford
Rob Simonich

Some of the handmade knives that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE are made by:
Kit Carson
Darrel Ralph
Pat Crawford
Rob Simonich

Rob Simonich definitely. His wait times have skyrocketed! Great for Rob, sad for me! :(
I can't believe these guys haven't been mentioned yet:

Mick Strider
Ken Onion
Ernest Emerson
Great list so far. Tim Herman would be a good addition.
Darrel Ralph
Tom Mayo

These guys jump in and participate on the forums on a regular basis. This makes them very accessible to us mere "mortals". This, plus the obvious quality of their pieces, would probably account for their popularity.