Which gets destroyed first, respirene C or Rat metal?

Walking Man

May 28, 2003
Hello, I was really wondering if anyone's had their respirene handles wear out yet, and what were the circumstances under which they wore out. I realize this stuff is much stronger than Kraton, but I still have my doubts when compared to micarta.
Prove me wrong! Please! and thank you! :)
I have worn out the handle on my Battle Rat. I used it as a thrower (many hundreds of throws), and thus subjected it to many bad impacts that scuffed and battered it. Only cosmetic damage.

I then used it for heavy prying and twisting apart a large log, which stretched it a little, and the handle would rattle a little. I have since thrown it countless more times, and the handle is still in no danger of coming off, it is just a little loose and beat up. Very tough material. (and covered by the warranty)
After seeing the exploding micarta slab pictures at the Busse Combat forums I'd have to say the resiprene gets the nod in not-fail toughness, though it may wear a bit more than micarta after a few years.
FTR, it should be noted that those handles "exploded" after he admittedly was "throwing it daily for two weeks" before they failed. Jerry did honor the "lifetime warranty" and noted "that's why you NEVER see micarata on throwing knives".

I don't know. Res-C just doesn't look as cool, but they claim it'll never fail you. Check out this page on the Scrapyard site about Res-C for the tecky-specs:
I think RES C would be a better choice for a chopper because it provides some cushion, at least that is the opinion of people who know more about the knives than I do.
Great video RF, must of bin a hoot breaking that BR in.
A well used Rat is a happy Rat.