Which internet knife dealers are the best?

Feb 21, 1999
Ok- I am going to appologise in advance if this is a question that has been asked a million times, or if it is one of the things that I should not ask in this forum. I am new to the BladeForums and so I was not real sure where I could ask this question. Any how, while I have been amassing knives for a short while I have always bought them at stores. And I have moved to a new area and I have yet to find a store that I really like. And I now know a little more about what I want in a knife, and am therefore now ready to take the plunge and buy through the internet. The only problem is that I am one of those people who are nervous about ordering stuff from companies that I know absolutly nothing about. So I thought I might ask you all for the names of some of the sites that you have used and have had good luck with.
Thank you for taking the time to share your experiances with me.

P.S. I really am sorry if this is a question that I should have posted somewhere else.
Falcon -- depends on how you define "best".

Anyway, look at the archive file on Survey at the front page of BladeForums.com. In it you will find a survey on who this forum think is the best internet dealer.

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Titan; most excellent post; I agree with your suggestion.

Falcon; I have dealt with several internet dealers, and have had good service with them all. Leslie and Steve at Northwest Cutlery, Jay and Karen at AZCK (why can't I find them in our dealer search program?) are the ones I deal with the most.

For the best prices, shop around.

I've found Brian of Discount Knives to consistantly have extremely low prices. Some posters have had some problems with his service, but I recently placed a large, complex order with him. He filled it with what he had in stock promptly, after checking with me by e-mail and getting my OK. The rest of the order soon followed , and he answered my e-mails promptly and courteously.

I know JKM decries 'trial by internet,' and I don't claim that the other posters were mistaken, but with my several past orders, and this recent one, Brian's service left nothing to be desired. Walt
In addition to Walt's post... for typical orders, ABC-Direct has been great to me. I live in the New England area and get my orders in about two days. I just used the Knifecenter for the first time, and expecting my package hopefully by Friday, but have heard good things about them too.

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Thanks, Walt.

Re JKM's dislike of "trial by internet", I really believe there should be a place in this forum to discuss problems with online sales and service. Only when we are open and free in doing so can we hope to see win-win solutions.

In the meantime good luck on your purchase, Falcon...
The five internet dealers with whom I've done business all have been exceptional... excellent prices, excellent service. They are:
* ABC-Direct
* A.G. Russell
* Discount Knives
* KnifeCenter of the Internet
* Northwest Cutlery

I can highly recommend all of these dealers.

I also ordered a knife from Brian (discount knives)about 2 weeks ago , I received it 3 days later . On Monday I ordered another one from Brian , and hope to find it in today's mail .I'll let you know if he is as prompt this time as last.
I've dealt with most of the sites mentioned above and have found all of them to be honest business' who all try to deliver the best service they can. Any problems I've experienced have always been handled right away and without hassle.
I have mentioned in the past and I would like to reiterate: Cliff at "Ultimate Outdoors"
Just go to www.ultout.com and you won't believe the prices. I must mention the great service as well.
I have not tried any others as yet, but I will be dealing with Proedge here very shortly.

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There are many good internet dealers. In addition to the good ones mentioned above, There is Triple Aught Design.

For a comprehensive list of retailers, makers, and other services go the International Knife directory.


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Hello William! You're right.. Ultimate Outdoors has a price list that's pretty hard to match up, and nice to see that he has most of the items stocked up, too. It's just too bad they don't serve international customers like me... it's a green market out here.

Falcon,I want to echo Walts comments.I`ve just completed my second transaction with Discount Knives with no problems.Delivery time was three days in both cases.

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The KnifeCenter is the best. Great pricing, the most informative site on the Internet, and an 800 number you can call to reach a live person. Give the H-man (Howard Korn) a call. Been dealing with them for one and a half years, and they've never done me wrong.


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RKnight, actually we have a very good listing of dealers (and other categories) here on BladeForums.com in our links section, and we even give the dealers the opportunity to break themselves down via brands carried, should they so choose.

If anyone doesn't see a dealer or other knife related link in our links section, they can feel free to add it at any time, and it will be listed that evening.


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Excuse me, Kevin. But where do we add the unlisted dealers here? Thanks...

Good thread. Skylands has good prices, good service and is run by a gentleman. Returns are never a problem. The Knife Center of the Intenet has a lot of great info but is biased against Benchmade (the AFCK is ot listed as a top tactical blade while some non-tactical knives are) and would benefit from more product reviews.

By the way, that list of top retailers is misleading - a retailer has to pay a monthly fee to be on the list regardless of how many knives he sells.

Dannyc -- Kumusta? I'm from the Philippines myself! Have you ordered a knife from any internet dealer yet? Kindly contact me off forum, ok?
oooppss -- double post...

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