Which is the better watch?

Oct 7, 2008
I have been looking at two watch brand latley that seem to have the chacteristics I look for in a watch.

Bertucci Watch Company- http://www.mhbertucci.com/home.html

St. Moritz momentum watches- http://www.st-moritz.com/pages/products.php

Who has experience with these? I love analogs, my timex usgi watch is great, but I want something tougher, a watch I can take pride in. Which of these two brands makes a tougher watch? Anything from bertucci is eligeble for buy, but I'm only looking at the Aeromax, M1 series, and atlas series from St. Moritz. Help me decide, thanks.
What models are you looking at?

I have an Invicta sub I swear by that was $100

I also have an Omega Speedmaster that retails for close to $3000 that I wear everyday.

Give some details of what you want.

Rotating bezel, chrono, Lume, etc. and budget.

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In your price range, it doesn't really matter. They are all going to be quartz movements and will function the exact same.

Get the one that you like the best.
I have a St. Moritz, have had for 3 years, great watch. Lightweight, basic, reliable. Sent it in for service when the second hand somehow warped and got stuck on the other hands. Service was easy, has worked fine since.
I am a Seiko man myself...but I have heard good things about the St. Moritz watches. Sorry I am not more help.
The St. Moritz Aquamatic II looks like a copy of a Rolex Submariner, which is probably my favorite watch design, so I will have to vote for that one.

Invicta also makes some nice watch models (imo) at pretty low cost. I would get an automatic and not a quartz.
How's the water resistance, would you feel comfortable swimming with it? Does it tick loudly?

The one I have has the titanium case. Can't remember the model name, it's pretty simple, just has alarm and date. I'd swim in it no problem, does not tick loudly, that's something that bothers me. If I had one beef it would be that the alarm is not super loud.
I dont know, how much they cost but i reccomend the luminoxline of watches, they are totaly rugged and reliable, you can pick one up on yourcornerstore.com i have evo seal 2 with tritium i only paid 155 with shipping good luck
I have the titanium Bertucci Field watch, It has performed well so far. it has been submerged a few times and bumped around quite a bit. I got it from cabela's