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Which knife do you carry for daily use?

Jun 21, 1999
What knife do you carry for everyday use? What size is it and why is this your choice knife?
Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza, 3.5" blade.


Used to be a Spyderco Endura or Calypso, but since I've gotten my Sean Perkins knives it is usually my Seraph, which has a 2" blade and 2" handle. Problem is it is heavy, being 1/4" A-2, and the leather pocket sheath takes up a bit of space. I've started carrying my Calypso or Endura again due to lighter weight, but when I start dressing in clinic attire on a daily basis I'll be back to the Perkins'.

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Hi, it used to be a Buck Solitaire until 12 months ago then I changed to a BM AFCK (ATS34 plain edge satin finished) and since 2 weeks I changed to a CR large Sebenza.
Why the Sebenza, it's a masterpiece of work that I trust to do the job and not fail on me.
My AFCK started to have blade/liner movement after being used for only ONE YEAR, especially when the linerlock got wet, I don't expect the Sebenza to show this after 1 year because the closing behind the blade of the mono-lock reminds me of the sound of an 25 year old Volvo car door closing.. a solid sound like a bankvault door closing.
Cheers, Bagheera

1. Plain edge Military (440V)
2. CR Sebenza (large)
3. On occasion a Cold Steel Master Tanto

Reliability, functionability, performance and overall strength/edge holding capabilities.

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The knife I carry right now is my mini styrker but I am saving up to get a small sebenza.

I rotate thru several knives and here they are in no special order:
Lightfoot 460 Mag w/ ripper teeth
Emerson CQC6
Terzoula ATCF bolstered
large Sebenza
presentation grade Nealy Aikuchi w/clad damascus blade for when i want a fixed blade,always carry a folder regardless.
Why ? because i like them for different reasons.
Today, I am carrying a Boye folder, and I always have my Woo.

But generally, It's ether my CS Voyager 4" clip point, or one of my Spyderco's.
Leatherman Wave. Some knife guy, huh? Its one-handed serrated and plain blades are so handy I don't carry a "beater" knife anymore. For emergencies, peace of mind, and general "toy value" I always have one of the following as well:

Spyderco serrated Military
Spyderco G-10 Civilian
Spyderco serrated Ti Police
Spyderco plain G-10 Police
Spyderco plain Calypso
Spyderco combo Goddard
Spyderco plain Starmate
Benchmade plain modified AFCK

A Spyderco large Wegner w/ a 50/50 edge.
I love the way it feels in my hand, very well thought out design, good ergonomics. The lock
sounds like my gun safe door closing, really solid. A super value in a production knife. I also carry a mini Bucktool.
I carry a few knives on a daily basis, but never more than one at a time...

Benchmade 350s Mel Pardue
Benchmade Spike, Large
Benchmade 710sbt Axis Lock
MOD Trident
Victorinox Pioneer, Red
Victorinox SwissTool

As of late, I mostly carry the 350s because it's small, light, thin in profile, has a very good utility blade shape for my needs, and opens very quickly.

Robert Joseph Ansbro

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Im like Corduroy in that I carry a Wave as my beater knife because I dont care if it gets scratched or hurt. I also typically carry a Spyderco Military, Spyderco Starmate, or Rekat Carnivour because they are tough and one can never have too many knives.


For work I carry a Spyderco Steel Endura plain edge and a black Victorinox SAK.

When I go out(in nice clothes)I carry a Spyderco Starmate plain edge,left-handed mini AFCK combo edge,and a Victorinox Swiss Tool with mini-mag flashlight in a sheath made for me by Gary Graley(G2).

An old Boker USA four blade slip joint folder.
Has 2 sheepfoot blades, one I added serrations to, 2 small drop point clip blades.
Covers most of my needs is why.
Most of the time I carry a large Sebenza to cover the rest of my needs.

I have been carrying my CS Desperado for about 2 years now. It is an ox.
I have cut everything frome rope to heavy plastic to wood with this knife and it just refuses to go dull.
Not only is it the most comfortable uility knife I have ever held, but it is also the best self defense knife around, The blade angle puts the knife in the propper position without any strain on the wrist, coupled with the unbelievable grip that this knife offers, it is in a catagory all by itself. You really have to hold one to see what I am talking about.(Geez! I sound like the poster child for this knife
) Ya gotta get one...Ya just gotta!!


Louis Buccellato

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This week it's my Sebenza....but I love to rotate. Tonight it's gonna be my Starmate. Tomorrow who knows....so many knives so few days.


I work for left wing liberals who are afraid of their own shadows much less a knife, so, at work the knife can be no longer than 2" in the blade. I carry a Spydie Cricket there. In the real world, I'm trying out a brand spankin' new large Spydie Wegner which I bought a coupla hours ago. It's temporarily bumped my beloved Carnivour out of right front pocket status till I determine his place in the pecking order. So far the Wegner is feelin' pretty good and may land himself in the top five of carry status. Time will tell.

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I use to carry a Puma Cadet, a knife that I picked up over 10 years ago, but find a Gerber LST that my brother gave me a couple of years ago to be easier to carry. My wife and kids gave one of those Toollogic cards a couple of years ago and it's always in my wallet. I am able to get on plane with both with no problems and I like the size of both, but wish they both had better steel.
My CRKT Mirage Gray Ghost Wharncliffe is always in my pocket.I usually have either a Carnivour,Pioneer II, or Boker Brend also, depending upon my mood and situation.

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