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Which knife do you recommend ?

Mar 19, 2000
What is a good choice(s) for a small daily
carry knife. I want a tough knife with a short blade (approx 2-3 inches), and a plain edge; no price limit.
Small sebenza, just look at the other thread.


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I notice you're new here, which makes me suspect when you said "no price limit" you had no idea custom knives can cost thousands of dollars. If I'm guessing right, maybe you'd better think about a price limit after all.

Besides narrowing the price down a little, you could narrow it in other ways. Are you prejudiced in favor of folding knives or fixed blades? What kind of things are you planning to use it for? Tough is a relative thing ... there are blades 2-3" long and 1/4" thick, but if that's tougher than you need, a thinner blade will cut better. Do you need corrosion resistance? Do you like traditional design and materials or do you go ga-ga over radical curves and angles and anodized titanium? Factory or hand-made? I'd better shut up now or I'll ask so many questions you'll give up on the whole idea as too confusing ... beware, you have ventured into a den of knife knuts!

We all love to help somebody pick out a knife -- it's the next best thing to buying a new knife for ourselves. Expect plenty of replies to your question -- but if you don't narrow it down you're going to get a large variety of answers, and it'll be hard to decide which recommended knife to buy ... of course, if price really is no object you could just buy them all....

-Cougar :{)
While I agree with Couger Allen..you should give more of an idea of what you want in a knife....the Sebenza is about as good a compromize as you can get...given your scant information.

Hope this doesn't help.

Small Sebenza. And, if price is truly no object, a get a G2 sheath and a Hummer to carry it around in.
Yeah, what Nimrod said!

A Pat on the Back is only a few inches from a Kick in the Butt.
Spyderco Native. I always suggest the Native. One of the best values out there, IMO.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Fung:
What is a good choice(s) for a small daily
carry knife. I want a tough knife with a short blade (approx 2-3 inches), and a plain edge; no price limit.</font>
In my opinion, there simply aren't any "tough" folders. And that's not what they're intended to be either, so it's not surprising.
I'd recommend a <a href="http://www.fallkniven.com/wm.htm">Fällkniven WM1m</a> (that's the one with micarta handle).
<a href="http://www.fallkniven.com/test.htm">Break test numbers</a>.

Urban Fredriksson www.canit.se/%7Egriffon/
Latest updates:
A Marttiini, another Marttiini and a Brusletto knife, links to Scandinavian manufacturers, Fällkniven K1+K2 kitchen knives
Small Sebenza (Umfaan is really too small)
Microtech Mini SOCOM is very light and well made.
Spyderco Wegner Jr.
Benchmade AFCK 812
Benchmade 705

Skip serrations unless you really don't want to learn to sharpen your knives.

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I'll jump in and recommend the small Sebenza, too.
If you decide you do have a price limit after all, check out the Benchmade 940 (actually a little over 3") and the Spderco SS Dragonfly w/ATS-55 blade.
There are plenty of other great knives out there, but I can't recommend what I haven't used.
Let me second the Spyderco Native. The zytel version gets you quality steel (ATS-55), a short but tough little blade, flexible blade geometry, and great ergonomics all for less than $50. This has to be one of the best deals currently available in the knife industry.

I would suggest avoiding the stainless frame model, because of the lower-quality steel used for its blade.

--Bob Q
Get a small custom fixed blade, neck/belt carry. Lots of them out there in $100-$200 range. No mather wich production knife you buy, you will swich to custom eventualy. So, get them in the first place. Custom folders are a bit more expencive. Just my opinion.

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I second or third the Native,great knife for everyday carry. Also don't forget about another Spyderco, the Delica.
bquinlan - the zytel native is CPM-440V. Even better, eh?

BTW that is also my recommendation.
*hey it just occurred to me that 440V and ATS55 are the same... I know a few steels have multiple names -- oh well it's good stuff.

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