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Which knife would you suggest

Oct 31, 2006
Greetings, I am looking for a folder. Blade can be 3-4". Must be a liner lock. 440C or better steel. G-10 handles. Must have a spyder style opening hole. Made over here or over there. Good EDC. Price not a concern, but I don't want to cry if I loose it. Thanks Happy New Year.
Having owned a couple, I would highly recommend the Spyderco Military. I found it light, strong, comfortable in the hand, and found the blade shape to be very good for the chores I used it for (just about everything except prying and chopping).
Your request has Spyderco Military all over it, like Keith says. The smaller Paramiltary is nice too, but you are looking for a liner lock. I have both knives, both are sweet folders. I have a difficult time picking my EDC as a result.
An Al Mar SERE2K is a steal of a knife for around $130ish.Check it out,you won't go wrong.There is also a couple threads to read on this knife within the last 2-3 weeks.
Another vote for Spyderco Military and you may be able to gen BG42 CF model in New Grapham.


Others knives I can think about which may match you criterias - Swamp Rat Rat Trap, but I am not sure if it is awailable, Buck 882 G10 also I guess still awailable in NG but it has serrator and weak liner lock, of course original Strider SnG which kind of expensive.



Thanks, Vassili.