Which knives sell the most at gun shows ?????

Oct 6, 2000
Which knives sell the most at gun shows ?????
I am thinking of buying a small selection and want to present them at a gun show.
Which ones does anyone think I should present. I was thinking Spyderco and CRKT, but maybe they wouldn't sell even though I like them. What do you guys think? I'm in Florida.
Bob hit the nail on the head; but include manual POS knock-offs too.

CRKT folders selling good; SpyderCo slow.


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I used to go once a month to the gun show. Guy there used to sell spyderco's and such, then he began carrying $2 throwing stars in red velvet boxes, POS Spyderco knockoffs for $6, etc.

He said very few people at gun shows will spend over $20 for a knife, and he also sells alot to teens. This could also be a function of location as well. He also said he far less money tied up in inventory.

Unfortunately the knock offs (as stated above) sell the most, along with the POS S&W/Taylor Cutlery stuff. Down here, the typical gunshow crowds are drawn to anything Gil Hibben/UC. I guess its the "complete-disembowelment-with-one-pull-stroke" look that those knives have

The edge-ucated knife folks snap up the CRKT stuff (Carsons and Crawfords mainly), along with the Spydie best sellers Endura and Delica. Benchamdes are also popular with those look at manuals and autos. I've seen folks lay down the change for MT SOCOMs. Those not into tacticals are drawn to multiblades like Case.

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Ok.......I have a show this weekend....Today, on Saturday........the CRKT Crawford Kaspers, the M16's, especially the Military/Police Model & Carbon fibre versions, ummmmm.. Point Gaurds & Neck Pecks and Stiff Kiss..(actually a little of each in the CRKT line) Sold a couple of Chris Reeve Sebenzas today also, a Busse Mean Street, MT LCC .....ummmmm,lots of miscellaneous blades also from a few friends collections...

Sometimes it's a crap shoot it seems like.

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My experience at gun shows is that cheap(inexpensive) knives sell there. Not cheap as in crap, but little money. It seems that your basic hunter/sportsman is not going to lay out the money for a nice expensive custom drop point hunter. I sell mainly factory hunting knives and pocketknives. Buck, Case, Schrade, etc.. I do bring some of my customs and put them in a separate display case, but only sell one of them to a fellow knife nut.

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I haven't worked any tables at gun shows, but I must say I'm surprised to hear the POS knockoffs sell so well. When I see those tables with the POS knives, I instinctively turn away. I hope I'm not a 'snob', but they just turn me off.

I seem to notice lots of people interested in CRKT, some Spydercos, Benchmades, and Emersons at some tables.

BTW...I once saw a guy working a table with POS knives, and he had removed the large round plastic thumb studs from some Spyderco knockoffs, apparently hoping the little hole in the blades would fool people.
Suprisingly, the POS knives do sell very well & that darn United Cutlery stuff too. I have a lot of guys that come buy my tables and are impressed that I have Benchmade, Emerson, Microtech, Busse...etc.... but when it comes down to it, the majority usually get the $20- $40 blade. This past weekend, the CRKT Point Gaurds, M-16's & Crawford Kaspers were the popular sellers. I just decided there too many of those tables around, so I've chose to stick with the good stuff!

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yep..it held true...was at a show sunday and watched the public flock to the tables with the Chezzy S&W knives...Lady waa selling rattle trap S&W OTF's for 25.00 bucks claiming the quality was as good and the dalton it was modeled after...Thank the Knife gods we had Mike T there with a table of MT and BM...few dealers had small amount of quality blade but most were Spyderco,Bm and Dalton knockoffs.

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