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which lubricant is the "best"

Mar 25, 1999
I am looking for a good quality lubricant for my Microtech LCC and Benchmades.

Any suggestions


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Acctually, one of the best lubes for small machinery of which folding knives and firearms are included is a light synthetic motor oil. Lately there have been a number of small companies springing up that basically repack the stuff into a fancy bottle and sell it at an outragious price.
Save yourself the misery and money and stop by the auto parts store. One quart should have you set for the next millineum.

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Knives really need very little lube.

I prefer the "dry-film" approach (sentry tuf glide/cloth)

Oil just attracts lint/crud which eventually will slow your autos. When carried, oil will also migrate according to gravity.

Wax products harden and also attract pocket lint/sheath fuzz.

My suggestion is Tuf-glide in the spplicator bottle. It no muss, no fuss, and does a nice job of cleaning as well as protecting.

"Oil" and knives is overrated, IMHO.
Especially when the blades normally run on self-lubricating washers (most folders).

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There is a lubricant called Militec-1 that has worked real well on my balisong. It's lasted about 2 months so far on the first application, and it does not attract dirt, gunk up mechanisms, or jam the knife in any way.

I've been hooked on Sentry Solutions TufCloth and TufGlide for over a year. I really like the TufGlide, since it completely dries, thus reducing the collection of dirt around the pivot. I've heard the Militec stuff is great, but I haven't found a place to buy it.

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ive had great results with tetra gun oil,grease,slc,cleaner.after 8+ years of use in every climate-place not a speck of rust/corrosion in the slightest.also i use sentry solutions tufglide for a none slip wipe down.on somethings,for protection ill flitz it.
Breakfree liquid has always worked well for me. It's good for pivots and for blade protection for long-term storage.

I'm quite satisfied with my MILITEC Synthetic Based Weapon Grade Metal Conditioner which I use basically for my guns.
But speaking really I'm afraid that no one oil is "the best", exactly like no one car, knife, gun or wife

I can join Anthony's opinion: a knife, even auto, has no parts loaded neither by effort nor by speed as hard as it could require qualitative lubrication. After some break in period knife need only minimal lubrication or no lubrication at all. Whichever lubricant would you use please take into consideration that it collects dust quite noticeable. So do not forget to remove sometimes dust and lubricant deposits rinsing your knife in hot water or blasting it with WD-40 or something similar.
the best lubricant i've ever used in my knives and guns is nyoil because it works and it has no odor whatsoever.to get rid of the excess just blow it out with the kind of canned air you use on computers and then wipe it off.by doing this you'll limit the lint and gunk attraction.
Tri-flow has worked OK for me. Just wait for it to set for a couple hours and it works pretty good.
I have been using Sentry Solutions Tuff-Glide and Tuff-Cloth on Microtechs, BMs, etc. with only positive results.

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breakfree works quite well, i used it for many years in the airforce (known there as crl) for my m-16, knives (and anyone who has ever been in the field knows your weapons are prone to rust!)and also for many other uses. all oil will attract dirt, dust ect. but i found it works best when you let your knife stand on end overnight to get rid of most of the residue to avoid to much lint build up (in your pocket). also if you have a knife prone to rust you can soak it in breakfree overnight and it will soak into the meatl pores better than any other oil (silicon,teflon ect).
Thanks for the tip, seegarman! Headed there now...

Knowledge without understanding is knowledge wasted.
Understanding without knowledge is a rare gift - but not an impossibility.
For the impossible is always possible through faith. - Bathroom graffiti, gas station, Grey, TN, Dec, 1988

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Thanks all

I think i will try a few and see how it goes.

I appreciate all your reponses

Thanks again

>>I am looking for a good quality lubricant

Stay away from motor oil, that stuff is made to trap dirt, and it get to be a mess quick. Also, cooking oil makes a mess. What I often use is baby oil. It has a nice scent and it's good for the skin. When my wife spilled her bottle of water in a container I has some switchblade knives in, I soaked them with the baby oil and it worked out fine. Most knives today are fairly resistant to rust or tarnish, so you only need a bit of thin oil on the working parts, I usually pick up something at the gun store. But knives like the hand made Filipino Bali's or older carbon steel american knives, will rust or tarnish if you do not keep them covered with some kind of oil. Thanks, JohnR7 www.BalisongKnife.com