Which lubricant(s) DO NOT pick up pocket lint?

Jul 19, 1999
I use 3-In-One and love it but the downside is the lint factor. It picks up all kinds of crap in my pocket. Does anyone know which lubricants don't pick up fuzz or particles? My daily carry is always in my pocket.
Try BreakFree. Dries and leaves a good rust preventive lubricating film. A little goes a long way.
I'd have to second Breakfree. I've been using it now for about seven months and it doesn't seem to attract any more pocket cheese than the knife without oil would. Also, if you're like me and sleep with the folder within arms length, the fumes won't cause you to wake up with a bloody nose and half a brain cell. Lubes up for a long time too.


Ever notice no other candy tastes quite like Pez? Oh yeah, and the BM Axis rules.

Yes White Lightning is great lube for your pocket folder. After you apply it to the knife it dries to a opaque film kinda like when your car wax dries. You wipe the knive off which cleans it and leaves a thin oily wax coat..... I've used 3 in 1 which works good but but it's just not designed to repel dust and dirt like White Lightning.
Anyone tried Tuf-Glide? I know it is over priced. Can anyone suggest an online site for ordering White Lightning?
I've pretty much switched over to White Lightening exclusively. It not only doesn't pick up lint, but it drives out the crud that is already in the knife.
I use Tuf-Glide on all my knives. I don't think it's overpriced, coz you only need a drop or two to cover the whole knife itself. A little goes a loooooong way, too.

It also dries up and leaves a protective coating on the knife. Does not pick up lint either.


I'm like Mikey so I'll try anything.

I have not been thrilled with Tuf Glide for pivot lubing.

I just ordered from www.sentrysolutions.com their Smooth-Kote product because I read a good review of it in a magazine (I know, I know, getting product information from a magazine is a poor excuse to purchase something). I didn't want to call a bunch of stores in town to find it so I was okay with spending the $5 on shipping.

I also ordered today White Lightning directly from the company (800-390-9222). Their web site is pretty bare. I got the phone number from a bottle of another product they make (bike chain lube, which works great). They were pretty cool because they offered to send it with first class mail for less than a $1. Fred at www.knifeoutlet.com also sells it through his web site.

I think Break Free is about the best product out there for protecting a blade. But, I feel it is just okay for lubing the pivot.

The best product I've used so far for pivot lubing is oil from Buck that comes in a small bottle. I purchased it from a local cutlery store a couple of years ago. It is messy stuff but it works great.

I have used White Lightning for bike chains and it works great.

I have used there firearms formula and had poor luck with it. It formed a thick, sticky "goo" between the frame/slide of my pistol. I tried some on a few folder pivot points and wasnt very impressed.

In my opinion Tuff Glide is much cleaner and more effecient. It may cost more, but a little goes a long way. A few drops also puts your Tuff Cloth in better than new condition.
Tuf-Glide is NOT expensive. (Sigh) When will you little rascals learn that you (with very few exceptions) are paying for the container, not the product.

Tuf-Glide requires a rather expensive half oz. capillary tube applicator to apply. This costs a lot. You can get an 8 oz. refill bottle (16 times as much) for about twice what the applicator bottle costs. This brings the cost down to a few pennies per application.

Brian Skelton of Discount Knives has the best prices that I have found. URL:

He offers the half oz. applicator bottle at
$6.25, and the 8 oz. refill bottle at $14.93.

You can try the Smooth-Kote lube if you want to, but you should realize that while it really does slick things up, it has MoS2 in it, and this stuff is black, and gets on everything. I use it on the slide rails and other high stress/pressure areas of my 1911's, but I always end up with black fingers after shooting.

If I wanted to slick up the pivot pin of a knife I would be concerned about staining clothing, I would use a white Li grease.

Hope this helps, Walt