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Which Microtech for Daily Carry?


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May 20, 1999
I need to choose between the SOCOM, SOCOM Elite, or the LCC. All M/A. Which one should I get and why?

....or maybe the Al MAr SERE, I have heard a lot of good things about them lately.

Thanks for the help.


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It's againist knife ethic's to mention a Al Mar SERE in the same thread as a Microtech ( the SERE is in the same price range as some Microtech's but the Microtech's far exceed the SERE in fit, finish and performance - and before I get flamed by a bunch of Al Maroholics and SEREoholic's = that's my opinion and it can't be changed

You've picked 3 knives (SOCOM, SOCOM Elite and LCC) that are the tops in their league! And trying to decide on "one" of the three is near impossible. Are you sure you can't buy all three and then rotate your carry on a daily or weekly basis?
The 3 Microtech's fit and finish are superb! They can take a beating and still out perform the competition. The Elite has the basic SOCOM shaped handle but a beefy blade (that is just awesome).

To make the cut...... I've yet to get used to the microlock bar on the Elite. So, based on that ~ it's moved aside... The SOCOM and the LCC are both all around winners. Push come to shove.... The LCC finds a place in the pocket!

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good choice on the Microtech i have an Lcc it is a real nice piece and the price for something this well made is great the socom series are real nice that will be my next knife


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i must agree. ignore those that do not follow the true way.
the emerson commander.
Geesh, an Emerson Commander? Please.. fit and finish on these is terrible. Go with a commander if you want a knife that will hardly open then fold on you.

Al Mar SERE. You can search this forum up and down, in fact, you can search this whole site up and down and you will NOT find a recurring bad comment about the Al Mar SERE 2000. Try it, youll see what I mean. Al Mar RULES, id put it at a tie with microtech.

Better design than the LCC.


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Gigone, you may like Microtechs better than an Al Mar SERE, but there is no way that the LCC or SOCOM are finished better than an Al Mar. Furthermore, the G-10 on the SERE will hold up to daily carry than the aluminum finish on the SOCOM.
Well i have a MT LCC, MT Socom Elite and an Al Mar Sere 2000. To tell you the truth, the MT's still have a better finish than the Al Mar but that's if you really look close and be a nitpick about it, which i am.

For looks, it's gotta be the MT LCC. I can't stop staring at this knife.

For tactical use, it's gotta be the MT Socom Elite. Real badass.

For all-purpose use, it's the Al Mar Sere 2000. Everytime i hold this knife, i just want to cut something.

So it all depends on what you want to use the knife for.
I carried my Microtech Tanto SOCOM's for over two years, and they did everything they were asked to do. I took one job in an office where that knife was just too big for daily carry. I suplemented its use with a mini-SOCOM. I recently bought an LCC; it's the same high quality, takes a razor edge, and the long continous sweep of the belly actually is more useable than the extreme design of the Tanto. Now, you'll never be able to buy my Tantos, but the LCC is a great 'blue jeans' knife.--OKG
Go with the Socom Elite. Light for it's size. Fits the hand well. Good blade geometry. Sharp as heck. Comes in Stonewashed finish.

The LCC is also a good option but is a bit on the heavy side for me to carry everyday.

Just my $.02



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SOCOM Elite wins on all counts. If you find it a little thick, get an older SOCOM. If you want to impress and have a great knife, the LCC.

Emerson Commander? hahaha...what a POS. The last two I owned had the blade scraping the liners out of the box and were way too flimsy for something touted as a "hard use" knife. The commanders made a couple of years ago were decent, but what happened? Ever wonder why folks look for the 1998 Commanders? Its because the 2000 Commanders suck.

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