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Which Most Captures the Custom Feel, the LCC or BM 690?

Aug 8, 1999
My heading is self explanatory. Personally, I lean a bit more to the 690 because of its anodized liners. It is also the same size as a small Elishewitz whereas the MT LCC is considerably larger and heavier than a custom. This is in no way a slam on the LCC. I have both and I think that they are great high end custom factory collaborations
I think that I would tend to agree with you, Anthony. Although I do not think that either one is reaaly that close to what you get from the knifemaker himself.

Anthony: I haven't had the opportunity to handle the 690 yet, although I have only heard "rave reviews". I own the LCC and I find it to be a remarkable factory knife. If there was a knife heaven, I'd like to see it a little smaller and lighter(maybe Ti liners would do it). I intend to pick up a 690 when they become more available and I'll post my comparisons.
Anthony - I own both knives and I agree, 690 beats out the LCC. A few weeks back I went to Beck's Cutlery in Cary, NC and they had a custom Djinn in stock and I pulled out the 690 and put it beside the custom. For the exception of the blade grinds and the dual studs on the custom, Benchmade did a bang up job at capturing Elishewitz's look and feel to a "T".

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Well I don't own any customs (yet) I do have the 690S (pre-pro) and just got a LCC M/A Friday (thanks Earl of GP Knives!). Both are extremely well executed factory knives which really convey the feel of the fine customs they emulate. I'd have to lean towards the 690, too, though. The wood/CF scales, anodized Ti liners, cool spacers, even the Elishewitz pocket clip give it the edge (pun intended!) I think it's great that BM and MT can offer such good knives at reasonable prices. It's a good time to be a Knife Knut