Which multitool do you like?

Dec 7, 2000
My wife asked me what I want for my birthday, (its a week away) And I'm gonna ask for a multitool,,, but I can't decide

What one do you favor? I am a mechanic by trade (cars, and heavy equipment) so it will probably get some serious use.
price range prefered should be around 60 to 70 dollas, or less is cool to!

thanx, T
Serious use? You are talking about the Swisstool. The new Swisstool X has scissors instead of the serrrated drop point blade, so I am tempted to upgrade myself.

They are also coming out with an Auto-tool, with a pressure gauge, but I think the standard would serve you better.

Happy Birthday!

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If you dont mind the weight the Supertool by Leatherman is a great choice. All the tools lock and since it is a full size tool the tools in the handles are good and long. Combine this with the tool adapter and I promise you will make a lot less trips to the tool cabinet.

My favorite carry tool right now is a Leatherman Pulse. A little lighter, and shorter. Its missing the serrated blade, awl, saw and Crimper (all things Im sure you could use in a mechanics shop) but it gives you a scissor. They have also rounded over the edges on the handles which DEFINETLY make for more comfort when leaning on the tool. Why they didnt do that for the Super this year is beyond me but when they do ..... whew ... that will be some tool. I used the Super for over two years daily and hard outdoors and in my shop. GREAT tool. My concentration has switched from full time technician to Manager of exhibitions (no I never get naked) anyway I spend about 50% of my time in an office so the pulse is a nice smaller lighter tool that still is a strong well built multi that has all the tools I need and SISSORS. My only peeve is why did they get rid of the crimper? It never was the greatist Crimper but it was something and since it was built into the lower part of the jaw nice and unobtrusive like I cant figure out why they would abandon such a useful addition.

I cannot second the Swiss tool for an everyday using tool. Some people swear by them and more power to them. I bought one and sold it about two weeks later. Its beautiful to look at and the lock system is definitly easier to use than both the Super or Pulse but the tool is very heavy. the tools are standard Swiss army knife fair. That means they are short, flexi, polished and have rounded over edges.So if you can reach the screw your trying to get at with the short screwdrivers they slip off the screw do to the polish and rounded edges. Also some of the Blades are multi purpose. YUCK (ie. Bottle opener/screwdriver) usually makes both the tools on that blade less useful than either one alone. The head to handle transition doesnt work for me either. You can only insert the plier head into tight spots and then it stops because the handles are so wide. All and all for me the Swiss tool should be left to the Swiss army knife aficianados. The Leatherman line that started it all is still doing it best.

Although I carry a pulse now my Super still stays in my ruck. Years of hard use and its still going strong.


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The Leatherman Wave is my favorite. Either the Super Tool or the Swiss Tool should serve you well.

Also look at the Leatherman Crunch. It is sort of a special case, and a little limited in scope, However it is extremely good at what it does.

Merry Christmas! (and Happy Birthday!)

Hmmm a mechanic, well probably no multi-tool will ever replace a REAL tool for the job. And most of these can get very slippery when gripped with greasy fingers. But if you want to get one, the one would be the Swiss Tool, finest one out there...

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I just got a Leatherman Pulse for $39.99 at Sportmart (it was a X-mas special). I also own the Supertool, PST II, Wave, and Victorinox's Swisstool.

The tool I currently am carrying on a regular basis is the Pulse (I had been carrying the Wave as my regular, now it, like the others, sits at the ready).

The Pulse is an upgraded PST II, with bigger, slightly stronger pliers head. It doesn't have all the features of the Supertool or the Wave, but IMO it's extremely solid...more like the Supertool in that respect than the Wave. Some on the forums have not liked the new scissors design on the Pulse, but IMO they cut better at the tips of the scissors blades that the older scissor models on Leathermans. All the tools lock, and unlike the Supertool you need not open another tool to unlock a tool.

Nevertheless, the Pulse, Supertool, Wave, or any of the Leatherman tools are good choices...the best bet is to visit a shop, find out what features each has and what you personally feel you will need/want in a multi-tool, and decide from there.

BTW...I also like my Swisstool, but out of habit/personal comfort, I use my Leatherman more, in addition to a littl SAK in my pocket.
Consider the Craftsman with slip joint pliers.I carry one at work and no other tool has quite measured up from a functional perspective.My second choice would be the Leatherman Pulse with tool adapter which comes with various bits or you can add ones you use most of the time.

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For heavy use I would recomend the Leatherman Supertool. The Victorinox Swisstool is good also, but the screwdrivers are too rounded.

I carry a Supertool when at work or serious play, and carry a Leatherman Pulse around town.
Leatherman Crunch. I use it several times each day. The locking pliers are great, and it cuts wire like nobody's business.

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I keep the LM Wave on my belt and when I can't wear a knife on my belt (working or dressed up) I carry my old LM PST in my pocket. I like Leatherman because they make a good tool and their service is outstanding!

As I write this my 14 year old son has a big smile on his face because he just recieved a LM Wave this morning.

Love my Leatherman Wave. Great tools, stronger than it feels at first, and one-hand knife opening. Plus there are no sharp edges that dig into your hands when you're working with the pliers. I use this sucker around the house all the time. Also take it fishing and camping where it augments a good single-blade folder.
FYI,I like the Leatherman Wave and you can buy one WITH a MAG-LITE for less then $60.00 at Costco!....that is less then the WHOLSALE cost of just the Leatherman Wave alone.....

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Thankyou all for your replies, and advise. I pretty much have it narrowed down to either a LM Wave or a Pulse, I'll have to stop by the stores and check out both to see which i favor.
I can also see from reading you replies however, I'm probably gonna be wantin' a few more

Anybody have any thoughts on the Gerber line of pliers?
Victorinox Swisstool I beleive is the strongest out there. For overall versatility Leatherman Wave rates real high.
Buy as many as you can afford!If nothing else,you'll end up being an experienced multi-tooler,giving advice to other newcomers.I find it difficult to recommend any one multi-tool.

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I've had excellent results with the Leatherman Wave, Original Leatherman, and the SOG Power Plier. BTW I have a Leatherman Wave for sale. Used, but not abused. $40 shipping incl. caht86&aol.com
SWISSTOOL or SWISSTOOL X! Seriously Heavy Duty. Have used it daily for two years now and it's still just as hard a workhorse as ever!

Having said that, I'd personally like to get the Wave - just for the cool one-hand opening blades feature. (But I think your use would demand a heavier duty tool than the Wave.) If the Swisstool X had that, all other tools would fall by the wayside (well, sort of).

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i have used a variety since i first saw the leatherman in '87. i am presently carrying a gerber multiplier. i really like it. gerber even has a "build your own" site.


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