Which neck knife?

May 7, 2000
I am considering buying a neck knife to wear while my wife and I are walking in the evenings. I would like some feedback on the different models and where to find them. I'm most intersted in models that I can order from someone that can ship it immediately. I have owned a Lightfoot Neck Razor that I liked, but the handle was very thin for my medium sized hands. I don't want to spend more than $200 give or take.


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Kevin, there are a lot of knife makers that make neck knives or knives that can be used for a neck knife. I make them as well as better known makers and the prices will usually run in the range of $75.00 to $150.00. I use mostly 52100, a high carbon steel, some use talonite (which will not rust), and others use various different stainless steels for their knives. I would say that nearly all of them would be of the quality you require.
The best way that I know of to really find out which one you would like is to put this forum in "search" mode and enjoy an evening of following the neck knife threads.
Or you could just check the signature of the various posters and look on their site for the type of neck knife you like.
I hope I have been a help and if there is anything specific as to size, handle, and blade material, if you would mention that, it would help.
There are also some inside the waist band type sheaths that may work better. Depends on the neighborhood.

Ray Kirk
Thanks for the info. One of my main reasons for posting a new thread is because I am looking for knives that are ready to ship right now. I don't want to have to wait for a maker to craft me a knife. I'm looking for something in the 3" size plus or minus 1/4". A pretty corrosion resistance blade material would be best because it gets hot here in Texas and I sweat a lot. I like the design of the DR Arch Lite in 420V, but I can't locate one for sale.

im not too sure about the blade length(im pretty sure its in your range) but the stiff kiss knives are a lot of bang for the buck.got mine for 20 bucks a week ago,and i carry it everyday. great little knife,"disposable"-if you need it to be. sharp,even though its a chisel grind. good little knife.i reccommend it.
forgot to add.... if you want scales on the kiss ask around,someone will put em on fer ya.even if you do put handles on it,the knife will still fit in the sheath.
Running dog
Great prices fast service great product


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Well there is loads of quality makers production and custom that would fit the bill.I tend to be partial to Bud Nealy's neck knives.I've owned a couple,and presently picked up a Bud Nealy Y2K 4 inch blade from Larry at BladeArt,whom carries many different makers of neck type knives.What I like about Bud Nealy knives is that he is pretty much the leader in this type of cutlery,and nobody can beat his kydex multi-position sheath system with rare gold plated earth magnets.They can be worn in at least 9 different positions and are the securest kydex sheaths on the market,not much chance on losing a knife from it falling free of the sheath with this type of system.Check out BladeArt's website and you will find some offerings from Nealy and also Ed Chavar,whom apprenticed under Bud Nealy and makes a fine knife that would fit in your price range,plus many other custom makers that he carries,and no waiting,ready to be shipped.Larry from BladeArt will take good care of you.Good Luck,Ralph

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I just ordered a Dozier Razorback from Knifeart. D-2 is not as corrosion resistant as I would like, but I take care of my knives so it should not be a problem. I'll let all of you know how I like it after it arrives. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

good choice kevin, doziers knives are great.i dont one one....yet.but i do see one in my cytal ball.NOT THOSE BALLS YOU PERVES!
very sharp too,dont cut yerself.
Try one made by Pat Crawford. I have his Kasper neck knife and really like it. They sell for about $125. If your looking for something to hold up against sweat he makes them in titanium for $225. His web site is www.crawfordknives.com I think he usually keeps some on hand for immediate shipment.
OOPS, you already ordered. Take a look anyway.

I have a sheepfoot from Jens Anso, it's a excelent knife. There is another thread about his knives in the "Knife testing an reviews" forum. Check out his site at www.ansoknives.com

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Thanks to Boriqua I'm ordering a Little Camper from Running Dog right now.

I have been craving a neck knife for a while and for $50 how can you go wrong. Does anyone know the strengths or weaknesses (corrosion, edge retention, ease of sharpening) of 1084 high carbon vs. the Swedish band saw steel? I tend to want high carbon, don't need stainless. Thanks much,

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Maurice, I have a Dozier Pro Guides knife that I have really enjoyed. His knives just feel right in my hand plus his Kydex work is top-notch. Oh yeah, the D-2 cuts like a laser too

I have pre ordered one of the Camillus Arc-Lite neck knives designed by Darrel Ralph. You can't beat 20 bucks for the knife, AND the Kydex sheath. Can't go wrong, in my opinion.

You can pre order the knife, which is due to ship anytime from 1 stop knife shop, which supports our forums!!!
If you really want to go for a low price, get the CRKT Bear Claw. The handle is as a little fat but it comes off easy enough and is still usable.
  • I just ordered a Dozier Razorback from Knifeart. D-2 is not as corrosion resistant as I would like, but I take care of my knives so it should not be a problem.
I carry my D2 knives here in Florida. They encounter extreme humidity and saltwater use. I rarely do anything but rinse the knives along with my fishing gear after saltwater use. A coat of Rennaissance Wax is a rare treat for my knives
I feel that the slight lack of stain resistance compared to steels like ATS-34 and others is MORE than made up in edgeholding ability. I think you will be more than pleased as to how little mantenance the the D2 Dozier knife and sheath will require.

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The Camillus Arc-lite will probably give you the most bang for the buck.



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