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Which one- Buck Lightning or Gigand Spectrum?

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999

I need help making the decision on which one of these to get. Can anyone share their experiences with either of these, especially in regards to lockup strength?

I have a Spectrum & it locks up nice & tight, passed the liner lock tests, has great fit & finish, super smooth action, etc. Try a couple of searches using "Gigand" & " Spectrum" for more comments from others.




I had three Spectrums that I got to sell and they went in one day. I had red, blue, and black. There was a bit of a fight with the ladys at work over who was buying the blue one! I like the Red one as well. Blue is my favorite color so I would go with that. They are very nice for the price. There is a lot of quality for the money IMHO.


Tom Carey

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I got the red. I saw them at the ECCKS and, at first, couldn't choose between the red, blue, & gold. My choice was made easier by the time I got back to the table -- only red, black & silver were left.

You can disassemble it -- they even give you the tool to adjust blade tension -- but I haven't and don't see the need to. There is no solid spacer, but rather a series of aluminum posts, so the back is wide open for cleaning.



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