Which one is better? SwissTool or Super Tool?

Not a Supertool? Oh well, I'm sure you will like it! Have fun with it and invent a new use for it like I did, but the hammer idea is already taken!
Well, after some consideration I figured that easy access is a great advantage. Hahahaha. Yeah the hammer is your trade mark eh!
I'll see what ideas I can come up with the SwissTool ^_^
Good for you! I'm sure you will really get to like it more each day! I have and there are several where I work that carry them and use them every day. On my web page is a picture of a fellow that I made a sheath to carry his horizontally, uses it every day and loves the tool!


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it's the money.
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Clay, I trust the lockup of my swisstool but yes there is a wobble on every implement when locked open. This can only be detected when you actually wobble the parts by hand. It won't wobble as though it were loose, it just shows that the tolerances are not too tight for the implements.
Thanks, Raph. I ordered one a few weeks ago and sent it back because of poor lockup. However, they said that all of the ones they had in stock were the same way. I will prob send it to Victorinox and see what they have to say.



Clay Fleischer

Yes, my new SwissTool wobble as well when the tools are locked in place. It happens with Victorinox Hunter (the knife with large lock blade) too. It seems as though the lock designs I have encounted with Victorinox knives do that. However I find them safe to use still, because at least they would not snap shut like others. They are still strong enough I believe... So I am not really worried about it ^_^

I believe the lockup itself is not too bad in view of safety concerns, considering that I have to slide the release mechanism on mine about 3-4mm back to release it. The only real problem (more of a nuissance) is the lack of a solidly locked blade. But then that's where the folders really shine.