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Which one: Master Hunter or Northwest ranger

Apr 7, 1999
Which is the better camp knife? A CS Master hunter in carbon V with Concealex sheath or an SOG Northwest ranger in 440A with cordura? Will the Carbon V rust and pit if food juices are not completly cleaned off?
Carbon V will rust and pit if you don't wipe it down after use... but so what. You want shiny or functional... all of the old carbon steel knives I have developed a nice patina after lots of use, which didn't affect their function at all. A light coat of petroleum jelly will keep them shiny, and there arelots of other rust protectants around.
Really depends on how your camp knives get used. I often camp in a fairly large group, and my knife gets used by a lot of people, and they don't always treat cutlery as reverentially as I do. Hell, I've lent out my knife at night to whoever is cooking dinner, and found it the next morning still soaking in lemon juice or whatever. I'd have a pretty tough time with Carbon V under these conditions. On the other hand, when I go out with a smaller group, it's easier for me to keep an eye on my knife.

Which isn't to say you should or shouldn't get the Master Hunter. Just that it isn't as simple as "just take care of it and it won't rust". Although both these knives are good choices, I personally would be looking at the small Falkniven, or (of course) the TTKK if I were willing to spend a bit more.

Remember also that if you're willing to consider the 440A Northwest Ranger, you should definitely also consider the AUS-8 Master Hunter if you're concerned about rust resistance.

Joe always beats me to what I want to say...


I was going to suggest the Fallkniven F1. VG-10 is a great steel, for a stainless steel, so you end up with good edge-retention and don't have to worry about pitting. I just got one and I love it. It is a bit on the thick side (3/16"), so if you want a super-thin blade, go for an AG Russell Deer Hunter.

I haven't tried one yet, but an M2 Nimravus Cub (shouldn't it really be "Kit"?) looks to be another good choice. Corrosion will be less of an issue since the blade is coated, though the edge may be a different story.

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