Which one???

Oct 2, 1999
Which would you choose, Al Mar SERE 2K, or Buck Strider, (spearpoint)? I am looking for a folder that can handle any task at hand. How does the bead-blasted BG-42 and ATS-34 compare to the polished VG-10? Will the bead-blasted blades rust easier? How do the handles, liner locks, and pocket clips compare? I have read many posts here on the Forums and also in Tactical Knives magazine. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your help.
I would seriously look at the Spyderco Chinook, too. The lockback shoud be more secure in hard use. Just a thought.

The Buck is definitley a hog...however, it is uncomfortable to carry, and the sharp g-10 handles are very unforgiving to the hands.

I would recommend the SERE. But I would go to the exchange forums and see if you can find one there. You can probably get one for about 100 bucks LNIB. I DID!!

tatsu, I agree you shouldn't just restrict your choice to SERE or Strider. That Chinook is nice and it's a Spyderco, too, which means reliable. Also, being a lockback with an opening hole, it is ambidextrous.

You will not have any problems with rust on any of those knives if you use Tuff-cloth on them. If you don't, you deserve the rust!
Tough call. I love the SERE, it is tremendously comfortable. Make sure yours passes the spine whack. The spearpoint BG42 striders sounds good, too. Between the two, I'd go with the SERE. Given more choices, however, I'd go for maybe the chinook, or a BM 710...