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Which Opinel for which task?

Aug 24, 1999
To those of you using Opinels: Which models are you using for which tasks? General hunting? Dinner table? Utility? Farm chores? Etc?

I have to order these via internet as no dealer is nearby. Can't look and touch before $$.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I have the 6 and I use it for a pocket knife. It has a 3 inch blade that is very thin and cuts through everything. The locks on these are very strong and fail safe. For $10 they are great knives.
What the heck is an opinel, and where on the net can I see one?!
What the heck is an opinel, and where on the net can I see one?!

It's a French twistlock folder. Flat ground, no edge bevel at all. The regular one comes in about a dozen sizes, from tiny to huge, in carbon steel or stainless.

This is a No.10, so it's 230 mm overall.

There are a couple of models with differently shaped blades too, hooked for pruning and slim (for fish?).

Cheap, cuts well indeed. I like the sizes 6-10 best.

See for example
http://savoie-maurienne.com/opinel/ ,
http://www.sav.org/fopinel.html or

(You can try feeding the URLs to
if you want the text in English.)
Urban Fredriksson

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I'll go with the sizes 6 to 10. Opinels are great using knives, well designed and priced very nicely.

Griffon may be right and I may be wrong, but I believe the Opinel's are a ful convex ground blade, not flat ground.
Does anybody know where to get the Bubinga handled models in the US (shipping costs on overseas orders are more that the knife)?

Uncle Bill;

Thanks to you and this thread, I ordered me an op6 today. Sight unseen,just couldn't resist! Can't wait!
I picked up a #8 Opinel yesterday and so far my impressions are that it's an elegant knife that's more than worth the $8 to $11 that you'll pay for one. The carbon steel blade takes a nice edge, the twist lock is much stronger than I expected, and it's very light in weight. It's a nice little conversation piece too as the design, much less the knife is not common in the US. One of the smaller models might make a better pocket knife but the #8 is ok with jeans as it's lightweight. The blade on mine is 0.073in thick, making it easy to sharpen and a nice slicer.