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Which spydie do I have?

Jan 20, 2001
I was at the shop looking for a sharpner and was admiring the spydercos. There were a couple of small ones that really caught my eye, the blades were "hollowed" out on the inside in different designs, one had a little spyder and web. Although I wasn't in the market for a new knife, I had money in my pocket and try as I may I could not put it back after looking at it! It was a little under 40 bucks and has a plastic handle, not the same material as the "better" spydies and the lock and clip are thick wire.
I just got it cause it was pretty and to carry in my pocket and backpack as an extra light duty knife so I'm not expecting much. I went to the websight and could not find the model of this knife or anything else about it. I didn't get a box or anything with it, I just put it in my pocket and left. There is no play or obvious defects and opens and closes real easy with one hand.
Has anyone else seen these?
What you bought is the "Q" model. See how the opening hole looks like a Q.

There are many differnt designs made, the Spyder, H&K, Jolly Roger, Flag, various company logos, etc, etc...

Check out the Spyderco forum and then do a search for Q, you will find many post and pictures of them, and welcome to the forums.

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Yep, that's a "Q". I've thought it might be kind of cool to have a collection of them with the different designs.
I just have one now I bought it in '98 at my first knife show the New York Custom Knife Show.

Here's a pic.


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