Which stick sharpener?

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    Feb 9, 2017
    Hey guys. I just got the lansky deluxe with the ceramic stones up to 1000 grit. I like it although it doesnt get my knives any sharper than i did with a 2$ sharpening stone from ace hardware and some polish on a belt, but its easier and good for getting the angles perfect and measuring them. Im looking into the stick sharpeners. Diamond and ceramic etc.. I always keep my knives pretty sharp. Either shaving hair or right below it. Im wondering what the differences are between the diamond and ceramic rods and which would be better for touch ups. Also can you use either kind like a blade steel to straighten out a blade and take rolls out etc..? I am looking for something cheap 5-10$ so far ive seen the lansky 8 inch ceramic and smiths diamond sharpener. Havent looked much yet. Thanks guys

    Edit:Just saw some tapered ones, and made me think i do want something to sharpen serrations with. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of a tapered rod.

    Also note i have a couple of those preset angle ceramic sharpeners i use to touch up as well as a leather belt i use car polish on. Not sure if the ceramic rod would be worth buying, although i think they are preset at 25 degrees and doesnt match alot of knives and i dont think it sharpens them if not right angle just rubs blade. The ceramic rod would fix that problem
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