Whirlwind lockup

Dec 20, 1998
I recently aquired a new Kershaw Whirlwind that consistently fails the spine whack test. I was wondering if any other Whirlwind owners are having this problem.

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Please ,
If you got a lemon from Kershaw please send them back with your problem highlighted that is the only way they will know they even have a problem. They are great people and will promptly correct the problem .

Aloha~Ken Onion
Ken, after reading AT Barr`s recent post on liner lock failure, I was wondering if tightening the pivot pin on my Whirlwind would correct the problem. Is the pivot pin on my knife designed to be adjusted by the ELU?

never a dull moment

I figger you just wore it out from flicking it so much...

From; Ivan 6-26-99m 1203AM EDT Guys, I was looking at a wirlwind today at knife shop in Frederick, Md. I was really impressed with it after having ttrouble with Random Task before. And now I hear this. This is no good and now have doubts about Ken Onion designbut perhaps I am wrong. I willwatch these developments because I was interested in the wirlwind Next month Ivan