Whisker Biscuits

Mar 4, 2006
Here is a neat little project you can do at home with the family or out on camping trips. Whisker biscuits are just home made donuts made from Bisquick/premade biscuits or bannock (bannock recipe to follow). The easiest way to make them are with the premade biscuit rolls. Just open the can, seperate the biscuits and tear little holes in the center so they look like donuts. Preheat some grease (about half the depth of the biscuit) toss in the biscuits until they brown on one side (10 - 20 seconds) then flip. When done on both sides just remove them from the oil, blot the excess grease out of them and then they are ready for finishing. Our favorite recipe is to drop them in some powdered sugar in a ziplock back and coat them, thus giving you powdered donuts. As a child, my wife used to make them and pour melted chocolate over them and then coat them in cake sprinkles. They taste good and its fun family time. These can also be made as a great pick me up on camping trips as long as you pack in a little oil. The easiest way to make them in the wilds is to start with bannock and make little biscuits from the powdered bannock and water. Here is the recipe for bannock:
1 Cup flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp of salt
3 TBsp stick butter/margerine
Just mix ingrediate until lumps are gone. When storing bannock I have noticed it goes bad quicker when sealed in a ziplock back with no air circulation.
Aside from Whisker Biscuits bannock can be used to make stick bread, ash cakes or wilderness pizza.
...And, if you wonder why we call them Whisker Bisuits then here is the answer:
when it said whisker bisquits, I thought you were talking about the arrow rest.
Nice recipe, and a great pic.

I won't even mention what I thought this thread was about when I saw the title.:eek: