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White Lightening.....Too much waste?

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
Like a lot of you, I am always looking for the ultimate in lubrication.

I have been comparing a number of them and my favorite is Tuf-Glide not only because it works but because the bottle is designed to get a drop to where you want it to go and no more.

White Lightening's bottle just wastes most of the lubricant because the the tip is blunt and wide so the lube basically goes everywhere. This makes the small expensive bottle last a shorter time. Compare that to Tuf-Glide which has even a small bottle last 2 to 3 times as long.

The jury is still out for me if White Lightening even works all that great. The waste and the mess makes me not want to buy it again until they improve the bottle and I don't waste half of it when applying.

I will be interested to read everyone else's thoughts.


~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

Greg :

The waste and the mess makes me not want to buy it again until they improve the bottle and I don't waste half of it when applying.

Have you tried using it in the small Tuf-Glide bottle? The problem with a small applicator made be that it would readily gum it up.

Greg, I have tried white lightning. Kind of wierd, some knives it really helps, while others it seems to bind up on. When I had my Sebenza, the white lighting really made it stiff to open. Another thing, after using, sometimes it will clog up the nozzle, so next time ya go to use it, you have to squeeze to make it come out and when the gummed up part lets loose, a bunch sqiurts out and makes a real mess. All I really use anymore is break free, havent found anything that does better.

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I haven't liked Tuf-Glide as a lubricant. It worked OK on a couple of my knives, but most seemed stiffer after using it. Filled one of those needle aplicator bottles with RedLine 30 weight and have had great luck with that. It may attract more dust, but since I clean whatever knife I'm useing frequently it hasn't been a problem.
Hey Greg...

Have you ever tried Astro Glide ???

Try retrofitting the bottle with a small piece of straw from a WD40 can ..
Just open the hole a little with a hot pin and jam the straw in there...

Try it..



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White lightning sux
I use Ballistol on all my knives. White lightning is good for zippers tho.
I use White Lightning and agree I hate the blunt tip of the bottle. I got a larger bottle that came with a little straw for more accurate application, but I can't get the damn straw in there right.
I find if it gums up, I will use a pin to poke in and open it up, so I don't need to squeeze the bottle hard. Though I don't care for the mess either.
I haven't really had a problem with knives sticking. Sometimes right after application the blade will have a halting action, but after it dries up, the action smoothes out again.
Used White Lightning on a Brian Tighe Orion auto.Would not open.Last timeI've used it.


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I was next to the WL booth at the Blade Show and got to use and hear about the product over the three days we were there. The carrier for the wax lube is also a solvent to clean out the gunk and crud in the pivot area of the knife. That is the reason that it takes a hosin' amout to do the job. Once clean a little will do for maintainance.
I also use Tuff-Cloth on the Uluchet blades and Tuff-Glide on the pivot areas because it is a very good product too.
Hope that explains why the WL bottle does what it does.

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I use BreakFree as both a protectant and a lubricant. Doesn't collect dust, frees sticky folders and protects all blades well. A little dab will do ya.
I use white lightning on my bike chain, but I think I'll keep it off my knives. I picked up a lube called "CITO Weapon oil" while I was in Thailand (but from the package I think it's made in Germany). It is by far the best lube I have ever used on my knives. After I spray it on, it dries without residue, but keeps everything moving extra smooth and fast. It also does a super job fighting rust.


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I use Tuf-Glide like Cliff mentioned.

BTW Mark W Douglas, that little joke about the white lightening stunk! I appoligize for him to you Greg!
I got a little bottle of White Lightening and have used it on my folders with mixed results. As Gary mentioned the bottle/spout configuration makes it difficult to apply "sparingly". I have a friend who is really into mountain biking (aswell as kinda into knives), I mentioned I got some "new" lubricant and when he saw that it was White Lightening he said "Oh, I've had that stuff for years, they sell it to lubricate bike chains" Turns out he had a huge bottle that he paid the same price for as I did for my small one. Think on the next go around I'm going to try Tuf-Glide, I really like their Marine Cloth.

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