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White River Knives - FIRECRAFT FC5 survival knife & leather sheath


White River Knives
Aug 3, 2012
Hi BladeForums friends! (After a bit of a slowdown on our social media and forums in 2016 we're attempting to reconnect with knife fans online as best we can!) 2017 has been a busy year for White River Knives, and our FIRECRAFT knives have received a lot of buzz at SHOT Show 2017, BLADE Show 2017, and in recent magazine/web articles. To give everyone a better look at this award-winning design, we recently added some new images of the knife to our website, which now showcases the orange G10 accent detailing and the premium leather sheath. For fire-starting ease, one ferro rod is included with each knife, and the leather sheath includes an accessory loop to holster the ferro rod.
As of July 2017, the FIRECRAFT knives are available in 3 standard production blade lengths: 4" (FC4), 5" (FC5), and 7" (FC7). Here are images of the FC5 model:


^ see the orange accent detailing on the handle

^the knife in the premium leather sheath and with ferro rod accessory

A common question we have received lately is-- 'can I order the knife even if the White River Knives website says it's "out of stock"?' Answer - YES! Find your preferred model here, add it to your cart to purchase, and your knife will be shipped as soon as it's ready.

Tried the White River FIRECRAFT knife recently? Let us know what you think!

P.S. At BLADE Show 2017 in Atlanta we introduced a prototype companion knife: a paracord-wrapped lightweight FIRECRAFT FC3.5 knife. Stay tuned for updates when that new model will be available for purchase!