white tail cutlery

Sep 5, 2004
I was in a pawn shop yesterday and I saw a stag handled folder. Blade was 2 inches long. It had a good feel and no blade play. This was a used knife. Anyone know anything about them? was like $10 . does anyone have one of these or any experience with the brand ?
White Tail Cutlery was mentioned in a recent thread (on this forum, or some other?) that was originally about McGrew Knives. The tie-in was that both brands could be bought in perpetual yard sales in Arkansas.

I have a knife with "White Tail Cutlery Handmade" printed on the blade. I always thought that it was a one-guy-in-his-garage low budget sort of thing, made just to supply Arkansas junk shops.

After doing some brief online research into White Tail Cutlery, I'm still unsure about the knife I have. There is an importer of knives from Pakistan that uses the name White Tail Cutlery. And I found online some documents relating to a court case involving the name - it seems that someone left the company and began importing their line of White Tail Cutlery from Pakistan too. The second company was being sued to stop. They argued that the term "White Tail Kinfe" was generic and anyone could say their knife was a White Tail - the court disagreed.

So it's probable that my knife is from one of those two sources. However, it doesn't have a "Made In" stamp, so the one-man-garage-made theory isn't eliminated either.

Based on the quality of my knife, I'd say a similar knife with stag handles would be worth $10, mainly because of the stag. I think I paid $5 for mine over a decade ago. The wood handles look nice and the spring is very strong. But the cheap blade printing is nearly invisible, the brass liners aren't straight, and there's side-to-side blade movement even though the knife has never been used. There's a crude medallion on the side of the handle with a deer head that appears to have been banged into place, as though the circular notch wasn't the proper size.

The quality of mine is similar to Pakistani knives, but I would expect a "Made In" stamp if it were.

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I use to see allot of these in Arkansas when I lived there. You could pick them up from anywhere beyween 3.99 and 9.99 dollars. They were from pakistan and the fit and finish of the handles and bolsters were not that bad, but they were junk.

I think I picked a few up for under 15.00?
It totally makes sense. But how'd they get away with skipping a "Made in Pakistan" stamp? Perhaps they used an easily-removable sticker instead? Perhaps no one at customs ever opened the crate?


OT, we've been on this topic before, only the last time we started discussing McGrew knives. Where'd you live in Arkansas? I lived all over the NW area - several places in Fayetteville, Elkins (sort-of), Devil's Den area, and Beaver Lake. I traveled all over the state while an archaeologist, but mostly worked in the Ouachita Mountains.
The made in pakistan would easily be removed with a blade eraser, or by using a little polish and working it a few times, until removed.

me, personally, when first coming to Arkansas, I lived in Jacksonville Arkansas when I was in the AF stationed at LRAFB. I also lived in Cabot and then lived in benton the last couple years I was there. I lived there for about 10 years and moved back here (to Ohio) around 5 years ago? I spent maybe a total of 9 months during the time I was stationed at LRAFB outside of the state, Desert Storm/Shield and other assignments.

I use to frequent the quachita mtns, not far from my home. I lived actually between benton and hot springs. I use to hunt the white river bottoms east of Little Rock. I use to hunt the holland bottoms outside of Cabot and also bayo meto down near pine bluff. I also use to hunt the area near brinkley. Also use to take my kids up to Eureka springs for the passion play.
Your probably right about the stamp being removed. I can't find any other sources for "White Tail Cutlery" other than the Pakistan imports. And the quality certainly matches.

Still, I might pay $10 for a stag handled pakistani knife, just to say I have one. And if it's at a pawn shop, you could offer less - it's a used knife from Pakistan after all. Probably cost $10 when new.

Sounds like we were in some of the same places, although I was rarely in Eastern Arkansas. I spent a lot of time in Mt Ida, west of Hot Springs. Nice chatting.

I worked for a private company in NW Arkansas. We did surveys, site testing, and full excavations. Our largest projects were surveying forest service land for logging contracts. We'd find, map, and record any prehistoric or historic resources located in the project area.

We also did archaeology for govenment-funded projects on private property, such as pipelines, proposed highway expansions, etc. If disturbance to the site was unavoidable, we'd test the site with limited excavations to determine if it was eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Most times, especially with logging, the site area was simply flagged off with a buffer and avoided.

I worked as an archaeologist in Arkansas for over five years, then moved to New Mexico for the same type of work. Recently I switched 'careers' and am now a geologist on a drill rig in a natural gas field.

In Arkansas, some of the project I worked on that you might have heard of: the Two-Ton water line in NW Arkansas, the NOARK gas pipeline through the Ozarks, excavation for an nterstate interchange for a new hospital in Little Rick, excavations and surveys for the new north-south interstate in Western Arkansas.