Whitewing Sm. MOP Lockback

May 13, 1999
Received my long awaited Whitewing pearl lockback, and boy - was it worth the wait!

The knives Bailey is turning out are, without question, as high quality a knife as you can buy. Every line is straight and even, every surface is flush. The scales are beautiful and well matched, the blade is razor sharp CPM-3V, with a graceful, even swedge.

The action is excellent, and the blade gently snaps back into the closed position at about .25" from the handle. Opened, the blade fits between the bolsters and against the spring with nearly imperceptible seams.

All of the lines and curves are appropriate and understatedly elegant. This is a knife that I'll be proud to use for dress carry.

Bailey Bradshaw has quickly earned a reputation for making fantastic traditional patterned knives for very reasonable prices with his custom knives, and the Whitewing knives live up to this reputation handily. If
traditional patterns are your thing, and you don't check out a Whitewing before your next purchase, you are cheating yourself.

Whitewing knives are available from our own Danbo or Whitewinger. Either guy will treat you right.

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I am glad you are happy with the knife, Brian. My web site shows most of the available patterns in stag. It does not show the small version of the large lock blade (the one you got), nor does it show the Warlock lockblade. I also have 3 whitewings in Ivory and one left in pearl. Ivory will not be a normal offering from whitewing, so getting any of the patterns in Ivory is kind of special. I have heard from a pretty good source that there may be some trappers available with wood scales in the near future, and on the upcoming small trappers pearl will be available.

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What about your long awaited Mad Chang that arrived? Get off your lazy butt and make a review.
BTW... thanks for the CRKT KISS.
Much appreciated.

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