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Whittler with a punch blade.

Larry,I think I've seen patterns like this before on the Cutting Edge,I could be mistaken ,though
Because it has three backsprings, it is not a whittler in the strictest definition, more like a re-arranged cattle or stock knife. But there is argument for calling it a whittler. I've used a punch to gouge soft wood (carefully!).
I know a guy who collected "three-backspring whittlers"!!
Your choice, 'cause life doesn't always have definitive answers!!:eek:
I can add that Winchester and Remington both made split backspring type whittlers (like the Case '83) with a punch as one of the secondary blades. Rare and hard to find.
That sounds like an interesting knife, knifeaholic. If it's a swell center, how do they fit a punch?? Can you show us a pic of one??