Who Can Put Serrations on a Blade For Me?

May 1, 2000
I just got a SOG Night Vision, combo edge, and I want the main edge fully serrated. SOG doesn't make them that way and can't do it for me. DC told me that Mike Turber/1SKS's machine can't do it either. Is there anyone I can send this knife to to get the other half of the blade serrated. Ideally, the serration pattern would be matched. Anyway, I'm willing to pay someone to grind serrations into this blade for me, so if you can do it, or know someone who can, please post here or email me - medusaoblongata@hotmail.com

Try Wayne Goddard here in Eugene. I spoke with him several months ago and he told me he could serrate most any knife. He would prefer starting with an unserrated blade rather than matching something else, but hey, money talks. I just don't know how much money.http://www.goddardknives.com/
Why would Mike's machine not be able to do it? Why don't you ask Mike yourself.
There were ads in the classified section of Tactical Knives a while back (+/- 6 Mos.) advertising a serration service. Check some back issues.