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Who customizes production folders?

Jun 9, 1999
I have a Kershaw Mini Task that I just got in the mail and I love it. It's pretty, the lockup is tight, and the Speed-Safe machanism is great. There's just one problem. It's left handed, and I'm right handed. Before you say I'm an idiot for getting a lefty knife when I'm a righty, the reason I did it is that it only cost $35 as compared to $100 for the righty version at eknifeworks.com . What I want to know is if there are any skilled knife makers who can install the clip on the other side of the handle and possibly reverse the thumb stud for a reasonable fee. If you know of someone or are someone who could possibly help, please e-mail me or reply to this thread. Thanks in advance.
I know Frank Recupero does exclusively customization work. You can see some of his work here.

Other than that I can't help you.


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Dale Reif also does great work. There's a link to him here at BF under "custom knife makers."

He took one of my BM705's and fileworked the liners and blade spine, put in a purple ti spacer, and is in the process of putting on stabilized wood scales. Give him a try if everybody else is jammed up

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David at Bandityos does excellent work; very fair prices and good quick turn-around time. Check out his work at
David's website

David is very reasonable and if your lucky Reese will put some work on it for you to. He did my LCC over with white mastadon Ivory Scales, Satin finish blade and brushed the bolster.

Take a look

Bandityos work

Thanks again for all of the replies everyone. I've e-mailed David Brunner and Bandityos and I'll see how it works out. Thanks again for all of your help.
I have a few traditional folders that Frank did some work on and am planning on sending David the LCC that I use. His work looks great to me.

There is another guy in my neck of the woods that is doing some fantastic and original work. His name is Tom Stratton. Email me if you want to get in touch with him. He has done work for a few known makers, Fighting Rooster, and some dealers also. I also think he has done a few Commanders for some forum members. I have known Tom for about 10 years (give or take a year or two) and he is a good person to work with.

Any of these three will do a great job for you.

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Well, thanks for the nice variety of suggestions everyone. I've decided on David Brunner at Bandit knives since he gave me a very reasonable quote.