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???? Who does this mark belong to???

Jul 21, 1999
have a Dirk that has an acid mark on it that I don't locate in my Levine's 4th ed. It is a set of antlers with a
crown between them with FPS in the crown, and in a ribbon under the antlers is HIRS(what looks like CI)KRONE
[HIRSCIKRONE] then SOLINGEN,ROSTFRIE. The blade is 6"L. and shaped like a kris,4" Alum. or pewter grip, and
some sort of cats on the quillon. Any help on this mark will sure help.
And by the way...I'm a new member, and would sure feel welcomed if I won that fighter!!!

"No Respect will get No Mercy"
It should be Hirschkrone, means something along the lines of Stag's crown. At least you know it's stainless steel from germany.

I can't help more than that, and this probably wasn't much.