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Who else collect Microtechs???

Oct 5, 1998
I'm starting collecting only microtechs....

who else???

I'm the only one?

Production or hard to find/one-of-a-kind?

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer


I collect Microtech. I have some rare and some production. I like them all but have a soft spot for the HAWK blades and the OTF's.


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hey joel, i collect but with a small twist in that i collect to resell. part of the fun for me is to find a great deal on a microtech product and then turn around and sell and make money to buy more and on and on. i built a great collection over 2 years but also parted with some rare stuff such as a ti handle claw udt for example. part of doing business for me is not to get so attached to a piece that i cannot part with it. i had my plain nemesis for only 4 days before it was traded for cash and other microtechs...dmc
I hope no one labels me narrow minded but.... I have been bit by the Microtech bug. I have only been using/collecting for a year now, but I have come to enjoy Microtech's the most. Some people complain about pricing or whatever, but running a machine shop myself I appreciate the work that goes into the knives. I also like the different variations of each model. My latest pieces are from the Shot Show, Prototype Brend Kestrel, M-udt, and Mini Auto Socom....Needless to say, I am looking forward to the new stuff, Vector (nice work Joel), and I am keeping an eye out for some of the older classic/limited models. I still enjoy and buy other makers/manufacturers, but so far my collectables are mainly Microtech.

Junior Member/Microtechie, Richard
...if anyone is interested, our shop can be seen at www.metala.com
I collect a lot of different knives, but DO like collecting Microtechs.
I have 2 Socom M/A BT's, 2 Socom D/A BT's, and 2 mini Socoms with silver/clear anodizing and BT plain blades.
You know.....one to play with and one to squirrel away

But to just collect Microtechs would be like limiting yourself to dating only blonds <g>