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Who has the best price on the Sifu?

The lowest price I've seen at a webstore for the Sifu is, as usual, discountknives. But email before you order to see if it is in stock, because if it's not you could be waiting for weeks before he thinks on his own to let you know that the knife your ordered in not in stock. But the price difference between there and 1SKS is maybe $20, so you aren't talking about that big a difference anyway. The best prices always come up on the for sale forum here, if you can wait for one to pop up. If you really want one, check 3 or 4 stores and order, if you really want one and are really broke, keep watching the for sale forum.

Jason aka medusaoblongata
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I'll second buying from the Mike and Spark Show (A.k.a 1SKS). Buying from 1SKS means you are supporting this site. In addition to that, Mike will also price match, a great deal all the way around.