Recommendation? Who is currently making scales for the GB2?

Aug 15, 2005
Hi! I have a GB2 and love everything except for the proud liners. I would love a set of micarta scales for it that have scales that are flush to the liners. I have a pair of scales from suingab for my PM2 and I absolutely love how comfortable they are in the hand, but he doesn't seem to make scales for the GB2.

When I look for people who are designing scales for the GB2 it seems that they're either out of business or so overwhelmed with work that their books are closed.

I would love some suggestions from this community. Can anyone recommend a good scalemaker for my GB2?

Thanks in advance!

I just received mail from Cuscadi,they DO make custom scales for the GB2,in OD green,natural brown,denim and black/grey micarta!
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