Who is going to the Las Vegas Show


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Dec 23, 1998
It seems that there will be many going to the Shot show wich is a few days before. I will be at the Vegas show on Sat.
Matt, it seems like you and I will be the only ones at this show. From what I hear this show is huge, yet no one here is going. Maybe we are more knife nuts than the rest. Or is it because of the Shot Show.
Meet at Matts table say 11 am on Saturday? I'll be there.
I'll try to make it then, but that might be a touch early for me (get the feeling I'll be out late Friday night). If you're still around at, say, 1:00, wander by and I'll look for you then also

I'll be there at 11:00, and at 1:00
. Seriously, it would be a good idea to pick one or two times so I can make sure I'm around. What can I say, I'm a knife nut too, and I have to wander some as well. My wife Linda will be there when I'm not.