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Who loves the smell of fresh Onions??

Oct 3, 1998
If you do go here: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum19/HTML/000401.html


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Stop it, too much stuff coming out, gonna have to become a bank robber or something to keep up!!!

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those onion knifes are going to be good i like kershaw stuff i have been buying there knifes for about 20 years or more any more word on the wisper ? if i like the final knife i would love to get an order in before there sold out


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Hey Dexter- After seeing the pictures of new knives that you've been posting, I've come to the conclusion that you are the anti-christ. So I'm gonna e mail you my girlfriends address and please tell her why I have no money for her Christmas presents !!
The price seems very modest. Has anyone heard what types of steel the blades will be offered in?--OKG
squinting at the pic of the promo sheet reveals the numbers 440A and 420 (sorry, "Quality 440A" is what the sheet actually says

I am curious about the lock; is this a liner type lock or a framelock?

OKG - the steel is 420. These blades are fine blanked, which is part of the reason for the choice of steel and for the modest price. Sorry about the size of the scans. Somehow Photopoint or the UBB software shrunk it down, as I scanned it at a larger size so the small print was readable.

Summerland - I believe these are just regular liner locks.

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