Who Makes Best Using Knives?

Larry in KY

Feb 8, 1999
Would appreciate your opinions as to who makes the best using knives (forged and/or stock-removal)? Must hold a great edge and be easily re-sharpened. Thanks!
My votes are Sean Perkins and for larger knives definitely Mel Sorg (Madpoet). Rob Simonich makes some sturdy knives as well, but they are a little more finished and therefore are a little more expensive. Mel and Sean both use carbon steeld which are easy to sharpen as well as excellent at holding an edge. Since you already have 3 of Sean's knives, I think you should seriously look at <a href = "http://www.angelfire.com/mn/madpoet/"> Madpoet's site</a>. You'll see a lot there you like, Larry!

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Using knives? Bob Dozier. Very reasonable prices. Custom made knives that I have heard are the best using (read: working) knives on the market. He uses D2.(D2 is a steel that is used in dies to cut other steels ). I've made several knives from this steel and it Rocks with the best of them. (Heat treated by Mr. Bos). I have yet to hear a discouraging word about the Kydex sheaths Bob supplies with his knives too. Check out Bob's website. Sorry but I can't remember the URL right now.
For a hard using, no frills tactical/utility liner lock folder I don't know any one better than Kit Carson.
Larry, for what kind of use? For lighter utility knives I would go with Phil Wilson and Mel Sorg both make performance the primary goal although both can raise the visual standard to a high level if you want that as well. Mel does larger knives as well but I have only used his smaller work (no doubts about his larger knives though).

Cold Steel's fixed blades are nice working pieces for production work. The sheaths are not exactly great but the Carbon V blades are good. HI makes a strong khukuri if you are looking at larger class knives (1-4 lbs ).

This can't help but become a popularity contest of sorts, BUT.....

Custom/Handmade: I'd name Kit Carson, Sean Perkins and Fred Perrin as makers of bulletproof using knives.
(Anything made by these gentlemen: Kit's Models 4/16; Sean's Kervers et al; Fred's La Griffe)

Semi-factorywise: Sebenza by Chris Reeve.

Factorywise, I'd go with Benchmade,Spyderco and REKAT. (AFCK, Axis, Military and Pioneer come immediately to mind amongst others.)

I'm sure there are plenty of other worthy candidates, but these would be my own personal top choices.


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My preferences for working knives are Bob Dozier's, Rob Simonich's and Trace Rinaldi's. All make excellent knives!

Without a doubt, my top choice is the Benchmade 710 Axis Lock. For the money, it's the best value I know of. You should be able to find one for about $100 on the net. Search here and at Benchmade's forum. The knife has been heavily reviewed and discussed.

If I had to pick one knife and that was the only one I could have, the BM710 would be it.


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Simonich, Rinaldi, Carson...besides fine quality and well executed designs, these guys also give excellent customer service and satisfaction...they go the extra steps. They also are extremely receptive to customer input and modifications. There are other excellent makers as well.

Since you are interested in hunting I would tend towards Dozier for design varieties and good steel (D2). Another great choice is the line by Fallkniven. They are nominally "survival" knives but the F1 is a great drop-point hunter and the S1 is a great big brother. They are made out of VG-10 alloy which is very tough yet easily takes a razor edge. Fallkniven is at: www.fallkniven.se
Too many to list all of them. In your state.
Kit Carson, John Greco,A.T.Barr, Larry Downing, Joe Keeslar, W.D.Pease, Morris Pulliam, John W. Smith. This is not to dis anyone else These are people I personally know and have used or sold thier knives and can give personal testimonial to.

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Lots of good suggestions here. My experience with the combination of good price point (almost always under $150) and real "using knives" actually purchased by people who use them hard (apparantly the SEALs love his stuff) is New Livesay (http://members.tripod.com/~Newt_Livesay/index.html I think). You should at least check him out... I own a couple of his neck knives and two of his bigger offerings. Nice stuff, simple steels, good prices.
So far, I've settled on several knives that I find myself using much more often than not.

In a folder - my small Sebenza

In a small/medium fixed - my 4-1/2" BG-42 Rinaldi TKK

In a larger fixed - Busse INFI Steel Heart

I really like my Dozier and Reeve Mountaineer as well.

Don LeHue

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