Who makes knives out of 420V?

Oct 11, 1998
When I look at the cutom field, I still see the vast majority of knives made of ATS-34. It's is very hard to find any fixed blade made of CPM420V.

Does anybody know a maker who is using it regularly so he has experience in working with it? I'm not intersted in any fancy work with brass hilts and stag handles, but (of course) in a simple, tactial piece with Micarta or G10 handles. I know I can ask any maker to use that steel on special request, but as I said I'm more looking for someone with experience, who can bring the best out of the steel.
Kit Carson, Darrel Ralph, and Phil Wilson are the ones that come to mind. There are a couple more, but I don't remember the names.

Ralf: Both Larry Chew and I will soon be using this alloy in our folders. It has good potential. as to "bringing out the best in the steel", that is a matter of using proper heat treating and processing methods, using calibrated equipment and NOT taking ANY shortcuts. All the makers mentioned in the responses to your posts are more than capable of doing just that!

Stay Sharp,

RJ martin
Steve: Thanks, I knew about Kit. But hopefully he is going to make me a fixed blade out of Stellite soon, so I don't want to burden him more than necessary with tough alloys! Darrel I also considered. So far I haven't seen any work from Phil. (Website?)

RJ: Hey, that's great news! I'm really looking forward to that. Does Larry have a website? (Yours of course I know!)

Donovan: Kevin is very familiar to me. So far I have five of his pieces, one is a 420v Thorn. Cool stuff! That's why I want to get something bigger next time.
Ralf. Ed Schott recently bought a ton (literally) of CPM metal, including 420V. He is a excellent knifemaker, I have commissioned a knife from him. You may wish to give him a try. Walt (my regards to Kazuko)

Here is a bit of bad news. As of this weekend the shipment of 420V had not arrived. The 3v was shipped though. Getting either seems to be almost impossible. I will have a test piece in 3V. Should be here today. If it is testing will start today. I will be posting my findings in the near future.


Tom Carey

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