Who makes Marbles folders?


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Jul 7, 2000
I just saw a stockman in the Marbles ad in American Rifleman and I was wondering who makes them. Do they make them in-house or contract with someone else? I know they wound up with a lot of the equipment from Blackjack, who made the Cripple Creek folders for a while. It looks like a nice one and is already on my Christmas list.
Queen Cutlery (Ontario Knife) makes the Marbles folders.
Marbles claims they sharpen them upon reciept, however the ones I have examined don't appear any different edgewise from a Schatt&Morgan or Robeson or Winchester or Case Classic made by Queen as well in a similar style.

FWIW, Queen also made the "good" Blackjack Cripple Creek knives (the Barlows, and only the barlows)..the rest of the line, assembled in Effingham by ham-handed fixed blade makers were less than good....