Who owns actual magazine cover knife?

Oct 23, 1998
I got the actual Mike Franklin's folder that was on the cover of Blade magazine. What do you have?
I own the Brend, Herron and Nealy knives that are on the cover of the May 99 Tactical knives.

Les Robertson
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I own a Harold Corby Devils Right hand. I will scan the cover it was on.

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I have the Benchmade 710 Axis that was on the tactical Knives cover, does that count?

I own(ed) the cover knife on the july blade magazine cover made by Ralph turnbull

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Gregg Lane
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Ditto Nick's post. Had to be one of the better-priced cover knives available! Also got a Shinto Katana which spent some time as a Blade back-cover knife.


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I think I do. I have a Tung Pan folder. (Nealy - Elishewitz Custom) I would like to find the fixed blade brother to it. Remor has it that set #5 (my folder is from that set) was featured on the cover of one of the knife mags. Even if it wasn't, there were only 20 sets made, so I do have a rarity.
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I HAD one. The new type KaBar. Sold it, when I got the custom virus. But this month I might get the Dozier D2 bladed folder from the cover of Blade magazine (keeping my fingers crossed).