who`s using 440v?

Joe-You`re right, I don`t think Cold Steel is using 440v. I misread an ad for their Triple Action folder. They were saying their AUS10a outperforms Steels like ATS-34, ATS-35 (bet they meant ATS-55!) and 440v. I just saw 440v in a CS ad and thought they were advertising it as a option.

My bad!
A little bird told me that Kershaw will no longer be in the 440V game. The stuff is very hard to grind on a production basis (though I recently did a blade in it and found it rather agreeable by hand). This leaves only Spyderco if you want a production knife in 440V... and believe me, you DO.

I know I do, Drew. My son and I both have BF Natives (mine plain, his serrated) I`m VERY impressed with it and was hoping to see 440v in other patterns from other manufactures. It seems Spyderco is always willing to give a new steel a fair trial. Wish others would follow suit!