Who sells the Sebenza cheaper

Oct 6, 1998
Hi everyone, normally there is a healthy price difference between the knife retailers when one looks for e.g. a Benchmade 710 or a Lansky Sharpmaker 204 etc. But having visited almost every internet knife site it looks that everyone is selling the Large Sebenza for $ 325. This looks to me like somebody tells the resellers what the retail price of a Sebenza must be, not exactly free enterprise anymore in my opinion.
If somebody knows a place where to get one cheaper please let me know as $325 is a lot more for Dutch people than for Americans! (about 25% of the NET monthly income of a modal worker).
Also a good secondhand new model would be acceptable.
Best regards, Bagheera


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As far as I know, most dealers accept a policy of not selling below retail to be able to get knives from Reeves. As for getting a used one just make a post in the Knives Wanted forum.

Everyone's price is the same. The knives are worth every penny they cost.
I'll keep mine forever, have them engraved with my name and plan to pass them down in the family when I no longer need them.
They are the most special knives in my collection.
I just wanted to second Bill. Well spoken.

We just became a Reeve dealer last week. I can confirm that Reeve requires no price advertising below list price. They operate a very controlled market with direct distribution. The knives, as mentioned above, are of the highest quality.

The heavy discounting you see on our site and others is for those knives that are sold through distributors in a two tier fashion. Take care.

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Though I'd love to own a Sebenza, I'd much rather have 4 BM 750BT Pinnacles. Makes since to me...-AR

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I think the best you can do is find someplace that will throw in a "freebie" with your Sebenza order at $325.

I think www.nwcutlery.com (where I bought my Sebenza) offers 2nd day shipping on Sebenzas. Once you make the decision to order one, waiting for the UPS truck is excruciating, so priority shipping is a great idea.

I love my Sebenza, even at list price.


Right on Jackyl! But then you can't automatically assume your knives are better because they didn't cost as much. Remember the rule: more expensive=better knife (Not that I believe it.)

It was hard shelling out $325.00 for the Sebenza, but I have not regretted it once since buying mine.
Now on to a fixed blade of his....

God bless!

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Well... several of us have forked over that Retail price more than once. And have been happy to do so for the best folder on the market.

(patting the small Sebenza in my hip pocket)

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jackel, Jedi

I must agree I don't doubt
the knife is great but I'll take the four to
one. Perhaps once I get to my second year
of purchasing knives perhaps I will purchase one or two. But for that price I rather have a custom for it's uniqueness. It seems once anyone has anything to say against Chris Reeves you open yourselves up for attack. I find it quite amusing. This why I usually never add to a thread on this topic. I like to compare prices before I shop In this instance you can't). If I can't do that, I usually don't purchase the item.

Just my HO.

I wouldn't trade six Pinnacles for one Sebenza, not that they aren't great knives, they just aren't Sebenzas....Once you get a Seb. you will probably get hooked. Yes, they are expensive..worth every cent!
Try carrying one for awhile and using it, you'll see and will surely agree, that a Sebenza is work every penny!!!
I have to agree with a couple of you guys. Was at the gun show this weekend and finally got to handle a Sebenza for the first time. Beautiful knife, strong lockup, well made, sharp blade etc..... Came home and ordered a BM 750. The Sebenza seems like a great knife, better than the Benchmade I'm sure. But $225 dollers better, I don't think so. I think you're paying for the name, which I know is well respected in the knife community, but I just couldn't do it. If the Sebenza had been twice as much, ($200 - $225) I would of scooped it up. Sorry Mr. Reeve, maybe when I win the lottery.
Been lucky to meet the gang at CRK.
If you are in the market for a knife of quality in that price rage it is more than worth the $. There is quite a bit of talent that goes into each one. The guy that heads up the shop is quite a knifemaker in his own right. Just my opinion based on some fine people behind these knives. I think there is room for them in the industry
. Just like there is room for the cheapy I use when I am working in the yard.

I have friends who give me grief if they see me with a cheapy and other friends that give me grief over some of the art knives in my collection. It just depends upon a point of view. All I can say is buy what you like and can afford and hopefully you will enjoy it.
Bagheera, sorry I didn't address the issue at hand. The best price you will find will most likely be on the “for sale” forums here, where you are likely to save up to $50.00. But with the difficulty of international shipment and payment options, you would be best advised to stick with a reputable dealer, or go directly to CRK themselves if you don’t mind the wait.

Quite simply, economics is based on supply and demand. There is likely to never be a sale or discount offered on many of the finest products, ranging from knives to clothing to vehicles and beyond, because the supply is low and the demand is high.

Chris and Anne Reeve work very hard to maintain their integrity and product line. They deserve the $325 and the dealer deserves a good profit on a very respectable product. A dealer direct program is the only way a program like theirs can work. I applaud their efforts at maintaining a great dealer program.

I have never heard a complaint about their knives or the way they handle their customers. There are very few companies I can say this about.

I have met Chris and Anne and had dinner with both and I must say they are real people with a genuine quality aproach towards this industry.

If I could model a company with a semi custom production line it would be with no forthought that I would look towards Chris and Anne as a mentor.

Thank you Chris and Anne.

Best Regards,
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You know, in the time it takes you to go through those 4 BMs my Sebenza will still be going strong.

When I send it to the factory I'll get it back in about a week. I don't think BM has a turnaround that quick.
Chris Reeve sells directly to the public, and also through dealers. It does not make for a good continuing relationship for a dealer to undercut his supplier. Also, without going into specifics, the distance between retail and dealer cost in this product line is not large enough to create a temptation for deep discounting.

True Jim,

The abiltiy to maintain a strong dealer network speaks volumes of the system.

The knives speak for themselves. The price is well worth it. If I could own only one folder what would it be.....

Let's see... A Sebenza and a Battle Mistress and I am done... A little of $1,000 and my knife buying is over. I have spent more than that on crappy tools which I can no longer find

Best Regards,
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