Who wears a CamelBak???

Jun 3, 2001
I just bought a CamelBak M.U.L.E. and I am in love with it!!
It's one of the coolest gadgets i've bought in while,
and its a great investment. mine holds 100 ounces of water,
and it features the new mouthpiece on their latest models.
It has a bungee for clothes and about 6 pockets to put gear into.
It also looks definitively manly, and anybody looking for gear pouches
should check them out before they buy anything else. I use mine mainly for marching band practice, hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoors stuff. As an added bonus, my CRKT Bear Claw latches on in
about 30 different ways so I'm never without a good blade.

BTW theres also a secret pocket wear i can put my knife when i need to be discreet.

Camelbacks are a great bit of kit. I have used one for mountain biking / cycling for the past 8 years.

I currently use a Rocket for biking and a Motherloade for general use.

Check out: www.camelback.com for athletic kit and http://www.maximumgear.com/ for military/hard use.


I agree with you both. I own a Blowfish, and I consider it almost essential gear for mountain biking. I've endo'd flat onto it when it was full with a mini pump and several other items in it with no damage to either it, my gear, or my back. I think the new HAWGs are awesome, too.

I've been using them since they first hit the market. I've never had a complete failure of the bladder, but had one develop a couple of pinhole leaks.

Currently, I'm using a discontinued Blackburn model that is between the Mule and Hawg in size. It came with one 100oz bladder, but will take another one (I've only drained the Blackburn's bladder once, I had to drain mine several times afterwards).

I use mine mainly for biking, but also take it hunting and hiking. BTW, did you know you can get all sorts of water bladders these days? If you backpack, shop around, I'm sure you can find a bladder to fit an empty pocket on your pack. Also, a company makes a bladder with an inline water filter. It removes something like 99.99% of protozoa and 99.8% of bacteria (also removes color and taste from iodine treated H20). They also sell the filter by itself. I bought one for my "camelback" so I don't have to carry a separate filter (still carry the iodine, which I've used before).

In case you can't tell, I'm a big fan :D

These are great! I don't know how I managed without on hikes.

My most recent use was filling it with Red Bull and "drip-feeding" myself when I worked three days straight on assignments. I put it in the freezer until it was starting to freeze and then hung it from the lamp shade above my desk. I do not suggest you drink the 12 cans of Red Bull I had in 24 hours cos it really messes with you.

I'm considering getting an inline filter for when I next go hiking. My friend stamped on his, and then stood balance on it. That's when I decided that they were a great idea. When you're walking, breaking your pace or using both hands to get drink from a water bottle is not good. You can keep on going keeping both hands free. They're Fantastic!

I have been using Camelbaks for a few years now, in my present occupation, and I think they are great. I just got a new HAWG from www.Lightfighter.com and I think its design is one of the best yet.
You're supposed to put WATER in them? That's a new one on me, I use them for holding BEER when going to football games... :D
Hydration systems make life a whole lot nicer, especially on those hot days when you're moving fast and need lots of fluid ASAP. I don't see going back to canteens anytime soon.

I use the Hydrastorm products from Blackhawk. They are like ruggidized Camelbaks.


HydraStorm is a full line of Military and Law Enforcement optimized hydration packs and accessories (Excellent for outdoor use by anyone).


HYDRASTORM is brutally strong, incredibly durable, and built by BlackHawk's world-class craftsmen! HydraStorm Exclusive Features include:

1. On-Off Valve ,HydraStorm will not leak!

2. Nytaneon® Nylon backed reservoirs for extra strength,

3.Triangle shaped Delta Bite Valve, easy use, no more fiddeling trying to find the bite location.

4. IVS Molded Back panels, Compression molded closed cell foam with channels privide outstanding performance and stability to our packs!

5. Screw on and off tubes for easy cleaning and replacemnt.

6. Baffels in all reservoirs to ensure stability and performance.

7. Lifetime Guarantee on all pack construction! (Compare that to the competition)

Of coure the full product line can be found at the site below, with discounts for military, LEOs, EMS and S&R

Hope this helped.

BTW -- They have an inline filter available also --

I have a Classic for road and mountain biking, and a TransAlp for everything else. Very good stuff.
Check out the Milspec M.U.L.E! This hydration pack ROCKS! :D
Think the motherlode oughta knock yer socks off as well! *heh-heh!*

i dont have 1 yet, but was recently in nuevo laredo mexico and every mexican LEO i saw had 1 on.........