Who/What are we.Crucible whants to know

Oct 16, 1998
I had Crucible come to visit and showed them This place they where very impressed.
They asked me "are these peopel makers,users?
I showed them a 420v test blade and after the drop on cement point first they said "We had no idea this was going on".
WE have their attention.
B.T.W. these where senior reps not local guys and they where off to lunch with the press of Crucible after our meeting.
ED Schott

All I have to say to crucible is, Keep up the good work and continue making 440V and 420V. Also, make it more available.

The Crucible gang you refer to, I presume is from Syracuse. Tell them we have a melting pot representing the whole demographic spectrum: old and young, well heeled and on budgets, users and collectors, makers and marketers, manufacturers and distributors, students, doctors, active duty military, lawyers, biologists, metallurgists, computer specialists, law enforcement, logisticians, you name it... all with the common bonds of good fellowship and cutlery.


Keep yer powder dry and cutters hair poppin' sharp!

Well said bald1. If anyone wants their finger on the pulse of the knife buying community this is the place! Marcus
Good job, Ed!! Let Crucible know that they have our attention also. There are many of us who know what CIP and HIP mean, and follow the way that the CPM crew is going with their alloys.

If they would establish a presence here, so that questions and comments could be directly addressed to them, it would be greatly appreciated.

I promise not to call their technique 'powder metallurgy!' <g> Walt Welch, proud owner of Kit Carson #18 folder with blade of CPM420V.
Hey the stuff I want to know more about is 3v has anybody made anything out of it yet?

Ed, you were going to get some and maybe sell it? is that right? If it is do you have it yet?
I have test blades IM working on now and will post the results.
The order is in and as soon as the mill gives me a hard date I'll post it with prices.
I have some data sheets from Crucible send me a email and I will send them to you.
I will have all of the data for the V steels soon.
Well we are very intterested in Cruible's products here. I know I have more than one knife and 440V and one is on order in 420V. I would love to see the folks join in at the forums here. There more than a few makers here.


Tom Carey
Hey CRUCIBLE gang if you are watching this please join in. We don't bite


Are there picures of your knives online anywhere? What style(s) of knife do you make?

Tom I tride to do a AOL freebe but the pics get mucked up day to day.
I do fixed blades all types fighters to letter openers.
prybars to scalpels.
If I Have my way I will be draging them to the BLADE SHOW and introducing them to the wonderful world of knives.
But then they may want to jump in with bolth feet and try for a booth.
I sincerely hope that crucible establishes a web presence for knife makers and users, and if they haven't, establish protocols for providing steel for knifemakers.

I am currently learning how to make knives, and am very interested and plan to use the CPM steels...

One may want to keep an Eye out for my review of the Bob Kasper designed, Kevin Gentile modified AFCK and interview of Bob Kasper.

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