Who/What is a "Wenger SAK?"

Mar 12, 1999
Have seen references to this obviously popular knife. I would appreciate a pic or URL.
Hey Jumbi,
An SAK is a "Swiss Army Knife". Made by Wenger and Victorinox. The original maker is Victorinox, but Wenger also makes a quality knife. I think those would be the only brands worth buying. I don't have a scan available, but now that you know what it is, you've probably seen one.
I carry a Victorinox, my daughter carries a Wenger. Nothing to choose between 'em.

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By the way;
Wenger call themselves the "Genuine Swiss Army Knife",

Victorinox call themselves the "Original Swiss Army Knife"

Go figure! I'm not sure which came first, but they're both quality pieces.

The Victorinox, 'Original Swiss Army Knife," came fist as it was created/produced circa 1891 (about ten years before Wenger made their first SAK).

The Wenger, "Genuine Swiss Army Knife, by contrast, was not only introduced years later, but it is also made within the French speaking portion of Switzerland (ergo "pork barreling" between the German & French speaking cantons - great way whereby the Swiss Army maintains peace by having awarded service contracts to both companies).

I hope this info clarifies the matter!

Michael Cedric


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Gosh, look at all the facinating stuff a simple question can generate.
Thanks, you guys were great
Thanks Michael,
I figured someone on the Forums would know the truth. Appreciate your response.

Try www.victorinox.ch

At this moment I can't remind Wenger URL, but you can find lots of their knives searching for Wenger.

If the handle of your Victorinox is scraped or dirty, try this (it works well on Cellidor handle):

1) take a piece of soft paper for home cleaning and soak it in alcohol;

2) rub the handle vigorously and very fast. Note the paper has to be very wet: it has to wet the handle too, or the handle will be opaque;

3) dry the handle with another clean piece of soft paper.

It makes the handle of my 15-years-old Victorinox quite brand new.

Be careful: this method takes a thin layer of cellidor. If you use it every day, you will corrode the handle.

Umm, I was under the opinion that Wenger came first...

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MCSwiney is right: Victorinox is "the Original", Wenger is "the Genuine".

These denominations were created by an International Agreement to cut off all those Chinese junk-cutlery saying they were "Swiss Army Knives".

BTW, I am not sure of the 10 years gap, it seems to me it was only 4-5 years long.

Surfing the Net you can find the whole history.

If you need, I have the e-mail of a person at the Victorinox home.

"Genuine" vs. "original". Whatever. I think it's best to simply remember that, as far as my experience has seen so far, they are both about as equal in quality, offer similar models with similar features, with some departures of special models that vary greatly. Victorinox has one with a laser pointer, Wenger has one with a (up to) "52 ring" cigar cutter. I've owned both brands, used both brands, been pleased with both brands. My current is a mid-sized Wenger simply because they actually have a lock on the main blade.

Don LeHue

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I have two SAKs, an old red handle mid size model that lives in the jeep (Victorinox) this thing greatest feature (same for V. or W.) is that it has the best corkscrew going. It will grip the cork and pull it without destroying the cork:) The second is a "Soldier" which has the checkered aluminum scales and is supposed to be the "Issue" knife. Several years ago I bought my daughter the same knife "Soldier". Mine is a Vic. hers is Wenger. The only difference is the Wenger has a full lanyard loop where the Vic. has a hollow pivot pin suitable for nothing larger than a single piece of mason's line.

The moral of the story is that you should look at both makers and pick the knife based on the specific features you want. They will differ slightly. In terms of quality there is nothing to choose between them.

MNH, look on the tang end of your blade on your Soldier's models. There should be a number which corresponds to the year it was made. This was a requirement of the Swiss Army and is only found on the soldier's models. I like the hollow rivet better for military operations and the key ring or bail for camping or hiking. The hollow rivet is stronger and more secure--if you are concerned about the diameter of the hole and the size cord you can put through, try this trick. Purchase the genuine 550 paracord--the stuff with 7 inner white strands (not five, not one, "seven!). Pull the strands out and save them for something else, they are strong as hell by themselves. Now run the OD outer casing through the hollow rivet and tie it off. You won't lose your knife!

Also, look at the thickness of the soldier's model tools. They are significantly stronger than the officer's models (the plastic handled ones). Soldiers need the strength for real work but we officers need the gadgets for cutting paper to make briefing charts, etc. I carry both types on duty.

Bruce Woodbury

I had noticed the date, mine is '93, I did not know that only the soldier had this, thanks.

I like your para-cord trick, I don't know it looks like a pretty good trick to get the sheath through that little hole, I'll try it if I can find the right cord.