Who won the knife??

I don't think they haven't posted it yet. When they get back from the show they will

-Greg Johnson

hey, maybe since its already next month, we can get this month's knife intead? ;-)

No way are you gonna get next month's knife.......next month the Bs are back in the draw and I want the Cetan !

Brian W E
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If it's another "B" Boddamnit I'm going to change my handle. Maybe Bal Glaser or Bad Dog, or Bill Fennel or Bike Turber. Maybe even Bark. How about Bes B'Asis? BC? Balter Belch? Bella Donna?
Now,now,do`nt be too hasty Hal. Everyone knows what comes after B.C!C!C!C!

Never a dull moment!
Take that Bone out of yer mouth
!!!! ROFLMAO!!! That was rich. And honestly, I don't understand the "B" business either but I have now won a knife here too...see the Spyderco forum.

-=[B: thats B for Bald BOB]=-

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Oh yeah,I forgot to mention that I dreamed I won the Gunsite Folder!

Never a dull moment!
A little patience guys, things will be back to normal when Mike and Spark get into town.
Take my word for it they are pretty busy working the Shot Show right now. Spark had to work from here to get the site back up this evening after putting in a long day.
Stay tuned for the Day 3 update.
Way to go bald1. I thought the "B" thing was just a strange coincedence. I mean after all RadarMan won a knife too right? No "B" in Radar or Man. Course don't ask what his email address is.

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hey guys,
since it says that no lurkers can win, does that mean that you had to have posted during the month of the giveaway, or is it that you only have to post twice and thats it? i think that it should be the former.

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mayBe Bladeforum Bosses Believe B's are(a Be verB) aBused By Blade hoBBYists exorBitantly.


Jani,everyone knows that dreams can come true........just ask my wife!

Wait a moment, your wife, the postman and a dream come true...I don't think I want to hear this


My sheep has seven gall bladders, that makes me King of the Universe!

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Tell me Aaron how did you get the smiley face in the color blue? We need those little blue guys over on the Benchmade forum because we are all holding our breath over there turning blue waiting for the pictures.

Seriously, how did you you make it blue? Are there other colors too?

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