Who would make custom scales for a Sifu?

Jan 5, 2001
Is there anyone who would be able and willing to make replacement G-10 scales for a REKAT Sifu? I missed out on the limited runs of green and red versions. I would love to have something other than plain black to make the Sifu look a little more cheerful.

I would love scales in blue or in one of the color-layered G-10 types.

--Bob Q
Bandit aka David Brunner has been doing some beautiful MT LCC modifications. You could try contacting him- bandityo@usa.net.
I have made custom scales for three of my knives. Spydie Viele, BK&T BRUTE, and my Mini-Stryker.

Let me tell you, that this is something you can do, that is if you have the time and the patience to do so.

It took me the longest to make the pair for my Viele, for they are of deep cherry, and required a little more attention to detail.

BK&T grip was made with rubber from my bother's old mustang tires, epoxied to a thin strip of brass.

I like those for my Mini Stryker the best. Took me about a week to do, and they came out neat. I took a pole for a closet, the kind you hang your hangers from, and just started cutting! Once I was down to the size and shape I wanted, I sanded, stained, and buffed WITH THE GRAIN!!! Damn knife looks good now, but i have taken the scales off on and for the last few months-I do not like to store the knife in my drawer with them on, for they do "ding" easliy. BTW: Light Gray Stain...you can still make out the grain!

Take your time, pick up a Dremel Tool, a necessary expense for ANY knife nut, and go to work. Parts are available anywhere, but i rek'mnd Home Depot's stock, before you go spending money on good material!

Steve in NYC

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