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Who's going?:East Coast Custom Knife Show

Oct 12, 1998
Hi everybody, just curious to see who's going to be in NY this weekend...anyone have discount passes by any chance? thanks in advance.

I'm planning on going Saturday but haven't set the time as yet.

Hi Brian;
Do you know where the show is?
Also, what days is it open?
Thank you, Ed E
Hi Ed -- Here's the info that the organizer sent:
...The 10th annual ECCKS show will take place on March 12, 13, 14 1999 at the Crowne Plaza of Manhattan at 49th & Broadway. There are 130 tables exhibiting with 38 states and 12 countries represented. The show opens Friday at 1:00 pm, a one day pass is $10 and all three days is $20. The three day pass qualifies you for the grand prize drawing on Sunday for a knife valued at $1500.

The show hours are: Friday 1-7; Saturday 9:30-6; and, Sunday 9:30-4.

Apparently there are no discount passes this year, just a plain postcard announcement from an exhibitor or strait from show promoters. (


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Hi Brian;
Really appreciate the detailed info!
I'm definately going but haven't worked out which day.
Thanks again, Ed E
I'll probably be there on Friday.

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hey guys,
nice to hear from you, look forward to seeing you there.